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Rule Revision

After some team discussion, we've decided to revise our rule regarding complaints. The new rule reads:

Complaining without constructively describing the complaint or providing a solution.

As we discussed in the Hey, let's talk - Part 2 thread, constructive criticism is a crucial aspect of growing as a community. That said, we frequently removed critical posts because they did not offer specific solutions to the complaint posted. While we did that in the spirit of reducing toxicity, we found that many valid complaints were getting caught in the crossfire.

We feel that it is not fair for us to require you to develop solutions if you want to identify a problem. Creating solutions is Supercell's burden, not yours. We want everyone to voice their concerns, but we also want you to voice them logically and constructively.

What does that mean?

If you're going to post a complaint, add some detail, so the right people are more likely to see your thoughts. In other words, instead of writing:

"This update sucks."

Try this:

"This update sucks, and here's why."

As you can see, we aren't asking you to speak positively, we aren't asking you to keep quiet, but we are asking you to at least give others some background on your complaint to encourage discussion. However, if you do have ideas and solutions, please share them!


Some of you will ask: why even have this rule at all? Why can't we only say the update sucks?

Answer: Because our userbase is massive (436,000+ subscribers), we have to set at least some quality standard to ensure people who want to further the discussion get heard. If we don't, the sub drowns in posts and comments offering little to no discussion potential. Due to Reddit's format, it is incredibly easy for even the best posts to get buried, so we want to encourage those posts to have a fighting chance at being seen.


We are always accepting feedback for the community - user comments in recent threads sparked this rule change. Nothing we do is set in stone, so please continue to provide feedback, and we will continue to listen. Again, thank you for being passionate about the game and the community - I am consistently impressed by how much effort many of you put into improving our little corner of the web.

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