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[Unpopular Opinion]If you make nerf posts like this, you don't deserve to be taken seriously

Soul Crusher

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If you've ever sorted by new, you'll know what I'm talking about. It is absoltuely littered with these kinds of posts, or rather, nerf posts. Posts calling for ridiculous nerfs to cards that don't need them. They litter the subreddit and I think moderators should just remove them immediately. Here's the basic format of these posts:

Step 1: Write your opener, which is just "this card is OP." Occasionally, they'll be accompanied with some background info that just makes it even harder to take OP seriously, such as "My PB is 5600" or "I'm F2P so I can't change my deck" or "this card ruins the game for me."

Step 2: List things it can do, being sure to overexaggerate as much as possible. "Wizard is OP because he can shred mini tanks, one shot an entire minion horde, then do over 300 tamage per shot to my tower with a huge radius and destroy my entire defense with tornado in just a few shots, this card has extreme damage and ridiculous hitspeed"

Step 3: Add a completely retarded nerf suggestion that's way over the top and would kill the card "make it 7 elixir"

Step 4: Closing Statement, which is just the opening statement but worded differently "This card is OP I'm gonna quit if they don't nerf it"

Everyone knows what these posts are, everyone downvotes them, yet they're still everywhere. They seem to follow trends, like for instance, one month it's Mega knight, one month it's hog, one month it's an overexaggerated rant post about some meta deck or meta card.

Then they all complain when no one takes them seriously, too. I'm sorry no one took your call for hog rider to be 9 elixir and have the HP of a skeleton serious. If you want your post taken seriously, make an actual, well structured post with an actual argument, stats, and a reasonable suggestion.

It's pathetic this has to be said

Edit: Downvotes already, probably from people who make those shit posts. Truth hurts, sorry

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