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More End-of-Season Statistics!

Soul Crusher

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Wouldn’t it be cool to see a more in-depth season recap? Here are some statistics that I’d love to see:

• Games played, broken down into - wins, broken down into > total wins > 3 crown wins > war day wins > collection wins > 2 v 2 - losses, broken down into > total losses > longest losing streak?

• most used card(s) - Top 1, 3 or 5 cards used across all modes - displays number of times each of the top cards was used

• requests / donations / trades - number of donations - number of requests > Most requested card, number of times requested - number of trades?

• cards collected - combined total of chests, challenges, requests, etc.

• coins earned / spent

• gems earned / spent

• chests opened - number of hours spent opening chests

• xp gained

• number of times emoted


Many of these examples were chosen because they seem, to me, ‘simple to track’. Like, as cool as it would be to see “towers most often defeated by ____”, that might be harder for the game to manage. That being said, this is solely my own inference, and not because I’m familiar with how Supercell’s data collection / storage works.

These examples were also chosen because they seem less likely to negatively affect gameplay. Unintended consequences should be considered in what type of data is reviewable.

As for viewing these statistics, maybe you’re able to see this data for the entirety of the next season, and then compare it to the next end-of-season data before it disappears / is replaced by this new data. Or maybe it doesn’t disappear, and you’re able to access a historical record of previous seasons and their summaries.

To conclude, I’m sure there are a number of other fun and interesting things that could be tracked that I haven’t listed or thought of. Perhaps some of these even seem unnecessary or bland. Either way, these are just a few statistics that might ‘spice up’ the game and its seasonal structure by helping visualize how the season went for you. I hope you all feel the same, and I would love to hear any thoughts, and any other ideas for trackable statistics!

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