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I'm just some random guy so who cares about the post right? Correct, but I really need to get a few things off of my chest.

I am a long time player. I've played this game for over 3 years and over the course of that time, I've spent upwards of $3k. I have a maxed account. Maxed cards, maxed star points, 1m in gold and over 300k stars points. To say I loved this game is an understatement, but the love has faded into bitter resentment.

Lets start with what I just spelled out. I have 1m in gold and over 300k star points. At this point in the game, it's USELESS. There is nothing left for me to do in this game. Maybe this is part of the reason why the game just doesn't seem like the game it used to be? Wake up Supercell, please. I can not be the only spender who has nothing else to spend on. Why would I spend $20 or $50 on a shop special, essentially to get an emote lol? There needs be something added for late game players. Half the cards don't even have level 3 star point options.

The updates have been so few and far between the last couple of years. And when an update comes, its nothing short of a dumpster fire. So many bugs, so many issues, so many "quality of life" changes that actually make the game more of a hassle. Let's focus on the Clan Wars 2 update.

I'm not sure if it's been fixed or not, but there was a glitch when done correctly, that allowed a player or players to enter into a 2v2 match with one or two cards. 2v2 became nothing short of a spam fest of hog heal spirit or skeleton barrel clone. These types of glitches just make other players miserable who don't try to exploit the bug.

Players could easily copy decks from tv royale replays by clicking the deck, then clicking the deck slot. AWESOME feature. Where is it now? Now if there is a deck we want to copy from tv royale, we have to click on the player's profile (half the time the player has already switched decks) and then click a copy button, scroll back over to the deck tab, click the deck slot, click copy, only for half the cards to appear. Deck copying is completely broken.

Clan Wars 2 was hyped to the moon and back only to be another ladder mode with what, a Bo3 feature? There is nothing new here. B-b-but there's PvE! My clan is finished with the race within 2 days, we don't even have to bother with PvE. B-b-but there is a new repair boat feature. Oh yeh, clicking one button and expending an attack is loads of fun let me tell you. As much of a grind as collection days were becoming in the old clan wars, at least there were different game modes to choose from. Now you get duel, which is ladder, and best of 3, which is ladder again but up to 3 games. I can't even play this garbage on my other account because I don't have 32 decently leveled cards. It just seems like another way to force the players wanting to contribute to their clan to purchase gems or chests. At least in the old wars I could choose from collection modes with tourney standard. There is no F2P feature here. The only feature F2P can take advantage from is the boat repair, and with that route you don't even get to play.

The matchmaking on the new war system is completely lopsided. Players going up against people thousands of trophies over their own trophy range. Supercell had a golden opportunity to implement different tiers in legend league after seeing how bad it could get in clan wars 1, but do they? No, why learn from mistakes when you can offer a half hearted apology.

The new UI looks ok, but now the river race is the center of attention and we can't get to our clan chat with a simple double tap of the clan button. (Another great feature removed for whatever reason.)

I'm just tired of it all I guess. For me, the game has gone downhill from trying to add all this stuff that no one really wants. For me, a new update is supposed to add fresh ideas to already existing ones. The clan chest was a great way to grind with your friends, especially with the addition of 2v2. REMOVED. Free chests were great to log into the game every few hours to receive a small reward. REMOVED. Would it have been too difficult to have had a single meeting with supercell devs to come up with a list of new and improved quests? Lol, meetings. REMOVED.

MORE GOLD MORE REWARDS MORE GOLD GOLD GOLD GOLD GOLD GOLD. Yeh supercell, more gold we get it. But everyone doesnt want or even need more gold. How about BETTER CONTENT.

Like I said, I needed to vent. So, down votes or not, thank you for reading.


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