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"Data Scientist" -- one guy?

I've refrained from posting for two main reasons:

  1. My clan is hyper-organized and taking advantage of the screw ups
  2. I wanted to give the update some time

I'm deciding to post now because:

  1. Clan wars is boring, and we don't need this edge
  2. The latest response from Drew didn't even touch on several of our main points.

Firstly, Drew's response https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashRoyale/comments/iqrib8/official_quick_update_from_the_dev_team/ didn't address a number of items I hope they take into consideration:

  1. More of your decisions in this update should have been data driven and either weren't or weren't made well. You referenced "our Data Scientist" not "our Data Scientists/Data Science team" -- you're note investing enough in data science if you've got one guy.
  2. For the love of god -- play test this stuff w/ your creators; I assume you didn't because you were building up to the deadline -- you set yourselves up for failure. You need your dev teams and marketing departments aligned so you're not creating unnecessary fire drills for your dev team. You could've rolled out these different game modes, play styles, UI updates in smaller updates and gotten feedback along the way...
  3. Clan management, API updates/metrics -- my clan uses the dev API to make a ton of recruiting decisions as well as identifying upgrade paths and other key metrics; the latest update has made a lot of our criteria less critical, but hasn't offered any new metrics

Suggestions/Thoughts (in no particular order):

  • League resets, my clan was at ~28k we've been matched with a clan that was at ~36k and several clans that were barely over 3k. I really appreciate that you took this opportunity to reset rankings -- I just hate the way you did it, and that you've done it in a way that is going to result in the exact same problems as the original ranking. My grip with the original ranking is that two clans w/ the same rank could have gotten there in very different ways by being good or just by being around for a really long time. A better metric for a clan's skill (still not perfect) would've been trophies/# wars -- this would better indicate the skill of the clan. You should have (and it may not be too late) stratified the clans based on their trophies and skill -- effectively demoting (and potentially promoting) clans into new leagues. Instead you guys tried to not piss off the 3k clans who were in legendary so they're just going to get destroyed be better clans -- forever.
  • This is arguably more game theory than data science, but you created the boat yard -- and made it useless. Boat yard is useless because it burns a deck and gives 1x fame; the same as losing. So even if you're a garbage player, you're better off doing a 1v1 or Bo3 and hoping the other player disconnects because the loss gives you the same amount as the boat yard and a win gives you 2x. Boatyard should be ~1.5x -- that'd make it at least a consideration for weaker players as of right now boatyard is NEVER a good decision.
  • You also created boat attacks and made them *arguably* useless. This is a harder concept from a game theory perspective, but I'll try to simplify it. Attacking someone's boat could be considered a negative fame for the target and gives your some fame. The negative fame is 1/4th as valuable as positive fame because holding someone back only effects your clan's relative position vs that one clan whereas pushing yourself forward effects your relative position compared to all 4 of the clans. The only scenario where a boat attack may be worth while is when the target immediately in front of you is about to cross the finish line AND their boat is substantially damaged - which is semi-rare. This sucks; the boat attacks are a cool part of the game, but my clan doesn't attack boats -- it isn't a winning strategy. This is a river race -- let's make this a more important part of the game. Make it fewer defenses to take down a boat (maybe 3-5) so that there's a legitimate reason to attack a boat (lower opportunity cost) or change the mechanic all together -- it'd be cool if you could only pass a boat if it was destroyed (like pirate ships shooting cannons at each other) -- once your catch up in fame other game modes are disabled until their boat is destroyed -- along those lines, maybe make it so you can only attack boats one ahead or one behind you.
  • The 4 unique decks is my favorite addition to the game - I really like the idea of an underdog system. That said, the fame being tied to trophies (even inversely) is not scaled appropriately. One level difference should not be a one fame point difference -- that doesn't respect the added cost (gold and cards) of upgrading the card; something like the following would be better:


  • Boat Defenses: This was supposed to be the equalizer for lower level clan members, but then you made the towers based on the card levels too. My clan is organizing to only have 15 players, with the right maxed cards, create defenses even with that, the mechanic is broken. Any tank played in the back will take a tower or two. I think it'd be interesting if you allowed us to set the spawn points for each card -- to make it a little more customized. Also, the tank slow push is too strong; maybe consider having the turrets spawn every 5-10 seconds when they're not dealt damage -- this would force the attacker to defend more instead of just building waves.
  • Dev API/Clan Metrics -- I don't like that members can continue to collect fame after the race is won -- I don't care if a member finished the race with 2.5k fame, I care that we finished the race when they had 1.2k I hope the api reflects those metrics. Also, when you start adding a member's fame to their profile PLEASE don't just add total fame-- when we're evaluating players to join the clan I'd rather take a new player whose good over a old player who isn't - we historically used CW1 win % and miss rates to decision requesting members, but we'll need to replace that with an equally meaningful metric -- I'd like to see a win metric that ignores boat attacks (as long as Bo3 and 1v1 have the same fame schedule, but if that changes we'd ideally have win% for each)
  • Bo3 (Best of Three) is a great concept but a lack luster execution. It has some pros and cons vs 1v1, but isn't well differentiated. I've been telling my members to do 1v1 in case they hit a lag spike -- it's better to lose one match than 2. Bo3 is better for higher skill players as they can select a second deck that is hard countered by the cards in their opponent's first deck but other than that doesn't seem to offer anything new -- I'd love to see the fame rewards be related to the play. If you win in a blowout you should get more fame than simply winning two 1v1s and if you lose in a blowout you should get less fame than simply losing two 1v1s.
  • I'm really worried about matchmaking -- especially with the same clans playing for 5 weeks at a time. I can already tell you, if it makes sense -- my clan will drop down to 10 players when matchmaking kicks off then bring the other 40 back in after we're matched. We will game the system -- make a system that isn't game-able or we will. This is where talking to the community is important -- post your ideas, and I'll (As well as others) will tell you how we'd abuse them. I think the correct answer will likely involve new clans each week and rewards capped based on the number of players during clan matchmaking.
  • QoL-- create a link capability that copies 4 war decks at once. Players need to be able to share deck sets in addition to individual decks

I'm sure I forgot some of my points, I'll add them later as I remember them -- but I wanted to put these out there as the team is thinking about improvements.

Generally speaking -- you guys need more analysts and data scientists; a lot of the quant was half-baked

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