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reddit Anyone else’s clan give up on CW2 already?

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My clan like a lot of others took CW1 “seriously” as in the leaders would kick anyone who missed their attack day. We were excited for CW2. But halfway through week 1 we were seeing the problems. The majority of us are lvl 12 but no where close to even 2 maxed decks. Most of us don’t buy the pass, I bought it once when it was the mega knight tower.

We came in 1st the last week of the river race but fast forward to the last day of this week and we’re not even going to finish. Only 1 clan in our entire race is going to finish. We talk about how it sucks constantly getting stomped and just how boring Ladder 2.0 is.

People left cause they’re done with the game now and others just aren’t logging on, the leaders said it’s fine to take a break until they fix it.

I feel the same way. Without special game modes like draft and the others in CW1 and card balances for most of them, it lost the fun aspect. (ik party mode exists but still). I don’t always want to play normal ladder games. That’s why I think CW2 stinks. It sucks seeing so many people just lose interest so quickly. It sucks that I don’t have the drive to play as much.

Same with youtubers I watch, they’re getting bored with the game. Now granted they’ve been maxed for years. But it sucks seeing this game start to die in a sense.

I’ve been playing this game since it came out and maybe I have just been getting bored with it and the let down of CW2 just made me realize it. Personally the every other day draft, triple draft, and classic deck modes kept me going and allowed me to relax after ladder.

Idk I just wanted to see how other people are doing with the update.

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