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reddit [HIGH EFFORT POST] "Make Clans Great Again!" - More than 60 (!) useful ideas to improve clans in Clash Royale! - by concept_royale

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Hey guys, it's concept_royale from Twitter & Instagram!

Clans are in my opinion the best feature in Clash Royale. You can chat with your friends, get to know other players, earn huge rewards by dominating in Clan Wars 2, trade & request cards for faster upgrades in your card collection, build up a little "family" with the clan members, get glory for the performance against other clans in War AND SO MUCH MORE ...

Since it´s THE area of the game that I like the MOST, I spend a lot of time on using this part in CR.

In this thread, I'll post ALL of my ideas (bigger features & quality of life changes) for clans that could really improve them and would make them better.

So with this being said, here's the list of these great update ideas:

- clan quests

- clan games as seen from CoC

- clan levels as seen from CoC

- ability to request one legendary card from clans per season

- pinned message in clan chats

- ability to see when a member has joined a clan

- ability to see how long a player has already been owning his/her current clan role

- friendly Clan Wars

- clan leaders could get banned because of creating clans with an inappropriate name

- message for the leader and co-leaders in clan chats, which player changed the clan settings

- message for the leader and co-leaders in clan chats, which player invited another person

- seperat tab with card requests and trades in clans so that messages in clan chats are clearer

- card request notifications and trade notifications in clan chats are seperated from each other

- ability to quote a message in clan chats

- increase of the limit of messages in clan chats from 100 to 200

- ability to delete your own messages in clan chats

- more requirements for joining a clan

- ability to get automatically kicked out of a clan if you don't participate in a Clan war or don't reach the weekly donation/trophy goal

- in-game translator for sent messages in clan chats

- fixed location time for CW 2 deck cooldowns

- "donate all"-button for cards in clan chats

- @ feature in clan chats

- leaders can lock parts of clan settings so co-leaders can´t change it

- online / busy / offline status in the clan members list

- ability to edit messages in clan chats

- ability to practise Duels in clans

- tournament standard card levels in CW 2

- ability to draft cards in the clan wars chest

- exclusive clan emotes

- ability to request cards that are maxed out to earn star points

- ability to create polls in clan chats

- ability for the clan leader and the co-leaders to remove messages from other people

- ability to send voice memos in clan chats

- more promotable roles in clans (for example 'elder' > 'senior' > 'veteran' > 'co-leader' ...)

- ability to personalize reject messages (adding a text to it) - like the option when you kick someone out of the clan

- allow players to collect more than 10 pass royale bounties from clan chats (up to 20)

- ability to select colours of clan names

- ability to see the 3 longest members of a clan in its description

- revamping the description editor because it's really annoying to edit as you have to delete the stuff you've already written to change things

- copy-post option for the clan description

- more text space for the clan description

- custom clan roles like on Discord for greater flexibility and control to reward its members

- ability to ban someone from a clan forever

- a sort-by option on the clan leaderboard (sort by trophies, donation count, last active, role etc.)

- nickname in clan chats

- bookmarking clans - if you want to save a friend's clan or maybe there's a family clan you'd like to keep tabs on, they would allow help keep things organized

- ability to post friend links in clan chats

- ability to share your emote deck with your clan

- clan perks as seen from CoC

- ability to nudge clan members for playing their War Battles

- ability to reroll the Trader's offers for free on Epic Sundays

- new river task: 2v2 Duel

- new river task 2v2 Battle

- ability to watch replays of defended boat battles

- ability to watch replays of attacked boat battles

- ability to watch replays of Duels from every clan member

- the top 5 clan members who earned the most fame in a River Race should get extra rewards as well

- ability to spectate the matches of the River Race enemy clans

- ability to switch between a dark and a transparent background of the clan chat

- security messure for promoting a new clan leader as it seems that leaders are very often promoted by mistake

- ability to advertise clans in-game

- ability to write to which clan member in clan chats or not (e.g. useful for tournament brackets)

- ability to open links that were sent in clan chats

- ability to send pictures that have to contain a verified item from the Clash universe in clan chats

- underdog system for the matchmaking in CW 2

- new clan sizes: 10/25/50

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :)

Clash on!



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