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We already know that Epic Sunday has been slightly altered, but how about make it truly epic?

-Epic Shop

Firstly, instead of the free Epics, we could remake some of the odds: 75% chance at Epic Cards (like right now). 20% chance at an Epic Trade Token. 5% chance at an Epic Chest. This would spice up the odds, and the the chance at an Epic chest will keep players crossing their fingers when they log on.

Secondly, the 10k gold for an Epic Chest goes in the store. We all love the deal, and seems right for it to come in on Epic Sunday, right? Supercell could also implement some deals. Maybe a set $4 for 2 Epic Trade Tokens and an Epic Chest.

Finally, 3 of the shop offers are Epics. This should be here, and frankly speaking ALL of the shop offers should be Epics, but if 3+ come in, I wouldn’t complain.

-Epic Battles

This would be an option in Party Mode, coinciding with 2v2 and the rotational option, that occurs every Sunday, only . It’s 1v1 with a deck formed of only Epic Cards. This would be a toxic but fun game mode.

-Epic Logo

Send some of your designers to come up with something cool for a logo. Could just be some purple cards, could be more. I trust y’all since when it comes to design CR rocks. This could be put on the shop and when you req Epics.

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