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reddit [EFFORT REPOST] A way to make clan wars 2 more free-to-play friendlier, and I will introduce two ideas for a new game mode, and a way to balance the economy in Clash Royale. Also I corrected the spaces between the words in my previous post that got messed

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How do we solve Clash Royale's biggest problems?

I have a few solutions to that, but not everyone will agree to it, especially the development team.

+ A new game mode for clan wars 2 called bosses.

+ Introduction of clan war reward road.

+ A new story mode called dungeons.

+ A way to help smaller clans with lesser members to finish the river race.

+ A way to help clans that are full but not very active.

+ A way to balance the economy.

+ Return of quests.

+ A way to fix classic challenges, grand challenges and tournaments.

+ Introduction of magic items.

+ Shop improvement.


Bosses are a new feature to clan wars to available to clans who have already finished the river race. When a clan has finished their race, boss will appear and steal all your fame, and will immediately challenge you to beat it. The boss will have six stages, and will each battle against the boss will last for 3 minutes. You will fight the boss in with a clanmate and when the timer ends, the match will end as well. The power of a boss is inversely proportional to its health, so as the health gets lower and lower, the boss will get stronger and stronger. When you beat a boss, you will immediately receive all your fame, as well as an additional 10000 fame (will be scaled down to the average number of players in a clan during the race) and 5000 gold. You might be wondering what the fame is for, but just you wait for the next topic. Well you might be thinking, What about the clans who have finished the race but can't beat the boss in time?". Well, don't worry. There will be a description saying that "Not all bad guys are always bad, and |insert boss name here| felt sorry for your boat, and has decided to return back all your fame, as well as an additional 10000 fame (will be scaled down to the average number of players in a clan during the race) as well.

Here is my idea for the first boss:

+ The boss is the dragon from Season 11 (Here be Dragons)

+ Health at Legendary league is 250000 (Note that the health must be scaled down based on teh league and the average amount of players per clan in a river race)

+ Damage can be any since I don't have any tools to be playtesting my concepts and can only give ideas, which most of the time gets ignored as well :(

+ The boss gets stronger by 10% for every 1/5 health that he/she/it loses.\

+ First stage : Claw attack (Swipes his claws across the arena and damages the troops)

Second stage : Fire breath (Breaths fire st a direction, dealing damage and temporarily burns

Third stage : Fireball spit (Spits three fireballs at enemies which causes knock back and
temporarily burns them)

Fourth stage : Wrath of the wings (Flaps the wings to knock back flying troops by a large distance
and ground troops by a medium distance)

Fifth stage : Lava spits (Spits lava from its mouth and fills the arena with lava that deals
increasing damage overtime)

Sixth stage : Rage (The cool down between each attack is decreased for the dragon, and it starts
to deal more damage with each attack)

Note that once a boss reaches the next stage, attacks from previous stages can also be initiated. Boats will have to face individual bosses, so there is no misunderstanding that this is a 5v1 battle. The team could also introduce new bosses every month to keep the content fresh. There will also be a new game mode available where you will face a a boss who has taken over a king tower, and you will fight together with a clan mate against the boss who can spawn his minions as well.

Clan war reward road

This is a road (just like trophy road for players who have already reached Legendary arena) for clans that have already have beaten the boss. The clan war reward road will have a maximum of 50000 fame to be collected (the value will of course be scaled down to the average number of players in a clan during that race). For every 10000 fame that a clan collects, they will open a tier and unlock the reward. So the fame that you receive from the boss battle will immediately unlock a tier for your clan.

My suggestion for the rewards are (based on legendary league):

+ 10000 fame : 7500 gold

+ 20000 fame : 250 common cards

+ 30000 fame : 50 rare cards

+ 40000 fame : 10 epic cards

+ 50000 fame : A mini version of a clan war chest that contains 4000 gold, 100 common cards, 25 rare cards, 2 epic cards and 1/8 chance to get a legendary card.


Dungeons is a story mode where you will face off against an evil version of the king, as well as evil version of the current troops and some new enemies. You will have to progress through the dungeon to unlock new levels, with each level getting harder and harder.

How will this dungeon work?

+ Dungeons contains certain troops arranged in a specific order.

+ Players will be provided with cards that are specific to that particular level.

+ The only way to get a three crown in the dungeon is to clear out all the troops.

+ Only a specific combination and placement of troops will be able to beat the particular level.

+ If your card is not leveled up to the required level in the dungeon, you will need to wait until it isleveled up, forcing players to not focus all their cards and gold in one specific troop or deck.

+ Each crown earn (can only be earned by clearing out 1/3 of an arena) will grant gold which increasesby each level and the second crown will give 2X the amount of gold from the first crown and the thirdcrown will give 3X the amount of gold from the first crown.

+ Players will require a special dungeon token that will generate once every 72 minutes (20 every day).

Dungeon is focused to provide new content for all the players and reward them with gold, as well the maximum card level needed for the dungeon will be level 12 since level 13 players will not be needing any gold at all.

Scaling fame to the average amount of players there is in a clan during a race

A big problem that every clan with members lesser than 50 members will definitely face is the amount of fame they earn daily. The only way to fix this is to scale the fame required to finish a race to the average number of players in a clan. This way all the clans with low number of players will not receive this so called booty every week, which could be frustrating for everyone, causing them to leave the game.

Giving a percentage boost to the fame earned per day for inactive clans

Not all clans are active, and even my clan is filled with members that do not do their war attacks daily. this hinders the progress of the clan during the race, and will greatly impact your placement in the race, which will result in you losing trophies when being placed 3rd, 4th or 5th. So to combat this, introduce a new system called 'Compensation percentage', where for every member that is inactive in your clan, the clan will receive a bonus of 1% extra fame to every fame that is won. Yes you heard it right, for every fame that is gotten from a battle that is won only. At first i wanted to make it so that every fame collected will get a |insert random percentage here| boost in the fame collected, but I was afraid that this could lead to people using it as exploits and so here we are.

So this is how 'Compensation percentage' works:

+ For every inactive member that you have (Those who do not attack at all), the clan will receive 1%boost in the fame gained. So if you have 5 members inactive, you will receive a 5% boost.

+ This will only count towards the fame gained by winning, not by losing.

+ The extra fame can collected when all the decks have been reset (according to Drew they are goingto reset decks according to Finland time, which is why this could work).

This is not going to be better than all of your members attacking, but meant to help clans with inactive players to not end up getting last or booty every week.

Economy balance

With players getting more and more gold, this could lead to the game being too much free-to-play, which is bad for its business model. But you can't just increase the price of card upgrade which would be meaningless then. The team should come up with ways to incentivize players to spend their gold and gems without forcing them to. So how about introducing new defences to clan war boat battles by allowing leaders to purchase them with gold?

This is how the process will work:

+ There will be a new selection screen where the leader of a clan can browse new defences for theirboats.

+ The leader will select the particular defence and set a petition in the selection screen.

+ Clan members can discuss and vote whether to buy it or not.

+ When the vote count exceeds the median of the clan, there will be an option to contribute a certainamount of gold.

+ Every member must contribute at least to 1% of the total cost but can be pardoned by the clanleader if they can't

+ If a member manages to contribute to 10% of the cost, they will receive a 10% boost in the amountof gold and cards that they will receive for 5 days. This can be increased until 100% bonus.

+ A purchase can only be started at the start of a new season so that players who want to donate atleast 10% can make use of the chest opening time boost to make the most out of it, there foreincreasing its value even more.

And how about incentivizing players to spend their gems on new clan boat skins? The process will be roughly the same, and the same bonuses will apply as well. The new clan boat skins can include new winning animation and losing animation as well as a brand new look to flex on your enemies. Now I am going to include something that might be really controversial, Sniffs a line of cocaine, how about pass royale for gems? Wait don't freak out, I have a solution on how to balance the amount of gems given to players. Since my ideas revolve around increasing progression, so how about limiting the number of gems that players can get? Usually players can get up to 300 gems per month, so if we can limit the gems that they receive, the value of gems will go even higher. The development team can insert gems into pass royale and make the chests in the free route better while decreasing the number of crown chests. They can also limit the number of gems received through the shop.

So how will it work?

+ They can give out 30 better crown chests and give out 220 gems through the free pass royale route,and limit the number of free gems received up to 2 times. So the total amount of gems receivesevery season will be 270.

+ Pass royale will cost 500 gems, which means players can get them every 2 months.

+ Reduction is price of global tournament rewards to 250 gems (50% reduction) and 35% reductionto the rewards (more value than previous global tournaments). This way players will have to decidewhether they want to get the global tournament or the pass royale, which will in turn provide morevariety in the game.


Quests were really good for players who could not spend much money on the game. But in the most recent update, they were taken out with the reason that the new rewards are much better. But that only applies for clans that consistently get 1st place or 2nd place. So bring back quests, but with a twist. Since the free rewards are now shifted to the shop, players will now be getting 20 quest points everyday instead of 35. So if my calculations are correct, the quest progression will be 75% slower. But still, players will still be able to collect their rewards and not suffer because of the new update.

Challenges and tournaments

Challenges are not the most popular choice among the players here, and people have been asking for a change to challenges.

So how about this?

+ Classic challenge : Price remains the same, but rewards are doubled.

+ Grand challenges : price reduced by 25% and rewards are increased by 50%.

Classic challenges are meant to be cheap, not very cheap. So increasing the rewards might incentivize players to spend their gems elsewhere. Whereas grand challenges are pricey and risky as well. If you lose, you will lose a lot of value from the challenge. Reducing the price will maintain its risk factor, but will be more rewarding for the players.

Tournaments are something that a lot of forget that exists. We rarely get anything out of tournament except that we can use it to practice our skills and try out new decks against other players. So how about allowing content creators to organize a tournament twice every month, and the top player of each tournament can get a reward like a mega lightning chest or something similar to that. This can increase the involvement of content creators in the community even more, and I'm sure the community will love it.

Magic items

Magic items are something thing that can only be earned through the colosseum, and will consist of gold token, common token, etc.

What will these tokens do?

+ Gold token : Grants 5000 gold immediately.

+ Common token : Grants 250 common cards immediately.

+ Rare token : Grants 50 rare cards immediately.

+ Epic token : Grants 10 epic cards immediately.

+ Legendary token : Grants one legendary card immediately.

+ Chest boost token : Will boost the contents of your next three chests.

+ Chest unlock speed token : Speeds up all the chest collected in your front page.

+ Fame boost token : Doubles the fame collected for the week.

+ Battle token : Doubles the gold earned through battles (let it be ordinary battle or clan war).

Shop improvement

The shop has not been improved in a long time, and the offers that they make is also really bad considering the amount of cards and gold needed to max out an account. Instead of offering a chest for 500 gems and saying "GUARANTEED CARDS!", try to put 2 magical chests, 1 giant chest and 10000 gold and price it at 250 gems. Way more casual players will buy it and will spend money on the game, but people who play the game actively will know that global tournaments give out way more value. Also remove the cards for gems offer because they offer absolutely no value at all. Reducing the price of legendary cards and legendary chest will help players a lot in many ways.

TL;DR for alpha chads

In this post, I talk about how to increase the variety in the game as well as increasing the progression of players. I have also proposed the idea of pass royale for gems, but limiting the gems received every season. I have also introduced a way to help smaller clans and clan with inactive players to be able to finish the race and get their rewards.

If you have reached this far, thank you for your time and patience. PS : This is the first time I'm typing a reddit post on a desktop so I don't know how the end product will be. So I will review it back in my phone and edit accordingly.

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