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reddit Supercell please do not overlook how you can offer a variety of rewards going forward!

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I haven't seen much talk of this and I may be alone but I feel one of the issues currently with the game is the lack of variation on rewards. We grind ladder, play challenges or complete war and we get cards, gold or tokens (which gives you cards). Through (paid) pass royale you gain an emote and tower skin. There is the odd emote from challenges. But that is all.

I am in a position where I don't want cards anymore and feel like unique customisables for ladder and war would add more to the experience. Reach 6000 trophies in this season to achieve an exclusive hog rider skin. Win a whole 5 week war for this season's fort tower skin etc. Tokens for duel challenge mode for completing X amount of war battlre (this surely needs to be a thing).

But I feel unexcited to play because:

Ladder is no longer exciting because I am stuck achieving the same position every season. Gaining something unique would help.

Challenges cost gems (which I spend on emotes) and I get to roughly the same position and win cards/gold. Special challenges I do occasionally but normally only if there is an emote. Challenge tokens would be nice. Duel challenges would also be exciting.

War days no longer need to be completed because my clan finishes on the first day. And the only incentive is then more gold.

In short: Please plan in exclusive rewards worth working/grinding towards in all modes.

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