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Even Heathstone and super mario bro have pubg mode, why not add it to cr?

So here is my idea of pubg CR which I think is much more interesting than cw2.

128 players, each paying 100 gold, enter a match. The prize pool will be 12800 gold and players will be rewarded based on their performance at the end of the game.

The game consists of 7 rounds of elimination, each round is an 1v1 match which last for 3 minutes with no overtime. Winners qualify for the next round while losers are disqualified. So 128☞64☞32☞16☞8☞4☞2☞1. Play time for players is anywhere between 3 minutes to 21 minutes.

Players have to lock in 5 different decks. Repetition of cards are allowed and card level is capped at 9. Game mode for each round is random and includes: 1. Half elixer ( elixer is generated 2 times slower. This mode is very rare) 2. Standard 1v1 3. Triple elixer 4. Seven times elixer 5. Draft 6. Double elixer draft 7. Triple draft For the first 4 game mode, players will be able to pick 1 out of the 5 decks at the start of the game to be played. Players have to exhaust at least 3 decks to play a deck again.

Hope you like the idea :)

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