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Hi Reddit. I have some ideas I would like to share. All I ask is you give it an honest read. Thanks in advance :)

Drew did a great job of explaining the issues in his post yesterday, so I will not repeat them in detail. Rather I will touch on each issue and provide what I believe to be realistic solutions that tackle ALL of the design flaws that currently exist.

Here are all the issues I will be addressing:

  1. River Race is Not a Race

  2. Time Zone Advantage

  3. Small vs Large Clans

  4. Lack of Incentive to Attack Boats

  5. No Strategy Required

  6. Max Level Advantage

NOTE: After addressing each issue, I will propose a solution. Once each issue is addressed, I will take all the solutions and incorporate them into the new war system I will be proposing.

1. River Race is Not a Race

50 man clans can finish the race in a single day before their defenses go down. The current system favors quantity (number of attacks) over quality (how a clan uses their attacks). War should require some degree of strategy and last for a full week.

SOLUTION: Remove fame threshold.

2. Time Zone Advantage

Currently, Eastern clans have an advantage as they have access to war battles sooner than Western clans. Clash Royale is a global sensation and it should stay that way, therefore we need to change how war is executed.

SOLUTION: This is already solved by removing the fame threshold (I will explain why below).

3. Small vs Large Clans

Currently, Large clans have a clear advantage as the system favors quantity. CW1 was not perfect by any means, but one thing it nailed was leveling the playing field for all clans no matter their size.

SOLUTION: Match clans based on size. All clans should be within 5 members of each other (e.g. 45-50 player clans will be paired). All clans will have an EQUAL number of attacks/decks based on the highest member count of competing clans (I will explain how this is possible below).

4. Lack of Incentive to Attack Boats

Currently attacking boats does not provide as much value as battling. They give fewer rewards and provide less fame. The advantage of taking out another clan’s boat is outweighed by simply battling. With this system, if you have the opportunity to battle for fame, you should battle for fame. There needs to be a bigger tradeoff when deciding to attack a boat or battle for fame.

SOLUTION: With the fame threshold removed, boats can no longer power through to the finish line. This means all boats will be vulnerable and taking out boats will have a bigger impact (I will explain how below).

5. No Strategy Required

As mentioned already, war is a matter of just attacking as many times as possible. It requires no planning or communication between clan members.

SOLUTION: By shifting power back into boat battles, clans will have to better strategize around how they use their attacks. This also includes an interesting update to boat battle defenses (more on that below).

6. Max Level Advantage

This one is pretty straight forward. Card levels matter, so max clans have a clear advantage.

SOLUTION: The solution is also straight forward. Cap card levels by league. There is no reason why this should not already be implemented. War should thrive on competitive spirit, and you simply can’t accomplish that when players are objectively held at a disadvantage.

Now that I have addressed all the major issues, I will propose the new war system.


Clan Wars will last a full 7 days before deciding a winner. The clan with the most fame at the end wins. This ensures ALL clans receive a chest.

1v1 battles (not duels) will be replaced with 2v2 duels. Max deck slots will be reduced from 4 to 3. The reason for this change is to help ease the burden of required max cards (24 instead of 32), while also supporting the new system. With only 3 slots, you now have to choose between dueling (higher risk as losing will result in minimal fame gains) or dedicating all 3 decks to boat battles (lower risk and nets ZERO fame, but all 3 attacks will have guaranteed impact).

In order to level the playing field completely, all clans have an equal number of decks per day (e.g. a 49 member clan competing in a 50 member clan war will always have a member with 2x decks to get them to 50). If you are a player with 2x decks, you can’t use the same deck twice in a single duel. That means nothing fundamentally changes, except the player will be able to duel twice if they wish (very similar to how CW1 functioned).

As we all know, members come and go. In this new system, war decks are assigned at the start of each day so all clans will always have the same number of decks. If a player joins a clan, they can’t attack until the next day when war decks are re-assigned. This also addresses the current exploit of clans bringing in new members temporarily to boost fame. If a player leaves without using all their decks, another clan member can claim those unused decks to reset timers on their own.

Now let’s talk about boat battles and why your clan will want to do them. Destroying a boat will require 30 decks to repair. If a player chooses to repair, they sacrifice all 3 of their decks for that day. That means you will need 10 players to sacrifice their decks for a given day. While your boat is down, your clan CANNOT battle for fame (but you can still attack other boats). This greatly increases the impact of boat battles as you take a direct hit to your potential fame gain for a given day when your boat is compromised.

However, that is not all! Boat battles were supposed to be the “completely new way to play the game” so they could use some improvements. The problem with the current system is the boat defenses are the same for every defense (xbow towers). Adding troops definitely adds a level of diversity, but I don’t think that is enough to revitalize a player’s interest. We need a variety of boat defenses that each has pros and cons that require players to put more thought into what deck they use to attack.

Here are some examples of potential boat defenses:

• Xbow tower - High single-target damage output

• Flame tower - Medium area damage with burn effect

• Lightning tower - Medium chain lightning damage with stun effect

• Turbine tower - Low area damage with push back effect

• Frost tower - Low area damage with slow effect

Now let’s address what you all are thinking: if you have to choose between duel or boat battle, isn’t unfair to players that choose boat battles as they will net less gold?

To simply put it: NO.

This war system no longer rewards gold at an individual level. Each day, you will have an empty boot (long live the boot) and every Duel win or Enemy Boat Defense destroyed will add a rock into the boot. The goal is to fill the boot with as many rocks as possible. Each boot will have a threshold (based on clan size) that if you meet, your clan will receive maximum gold. If your clan falls short, you will receive the prorated amount (e.g. 5 rocks in a 10-threshold boot will net 50% gold).

The biggest and most important change: ALL clan members will receive the same amount of gold (e.g. if the max reward is 5k gold, then every clan member will receive 5k gold on days threshold is reached). Clan Wars should reward a clan based on their ability to work together and strategize, not solely on an individual’s ability. Of course, any member that does not use any decks that day will NOT receive the reward.


Clan Wars 2 has so much potential, but the current system has too many shortcomings that ultimately lead to unfulfilling player experiences. Clash Royale has always been an individual-oriented game and Clan Wars 1 failed to shift it towards a clan-oriented game. With the proposed changes, Clan Wars 2 can help bring the game into a new age. An age of teamwork, competition, and glory.

And with that, I thank you for reading and making this far. I know things have been rough lately, but I ask you all of one thing: put aside your anger and frustration, and help me and all the other clashers who have supported this game over the years to rebuild it on a foundation of joy, memes, and, of course, wars!

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