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reddit Should Clash Royale start to base its economy on gems and cosmetics? (trying to be an effort post)

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Before starting, I think this problem affects everyone, not only f2p. I myself am not a f2p as I've bought several passes and some offers.

I think we can all agree CR has a problem with its progression system (mainly, its too slow). The quantity of gold you need to max out is absurd and grows everytime a new card is released.

Nowadays, CR team seems to be more hesitant about giving more free gold. Yes, they have made good changes on this matter, but they are almost always really tiny changes. The biggest change on this matter was doubling the gold on chests way back on June 2018.

It's easy to understand this decission. Gold is treated as an expensive currency in the game. And so, if they give us more gold, they sell less. When they doubled the gold, they didn't change the gem-ratio value gold has in the shop (which is ridiculously high).

As a result of giving more free gold, our perception of the gold's value dropped, and so, our perception on gold's price. That's why most of the offers they make are not perceived as good in general, because most of them relay on the gold. Today, as an example we have an offer with a magical chest and 20.000 gold for 5$, and it's supposed to be a 3x value. Anyone thinks that should cost 15$? Anyone thinks that offer is even good for 5$? I won't compare it to the pass, because the pass is made to be really appealing and so, it has to give a lot of value when compared to a normal offer.

With this, I'm trying to say CRs economy is too centered around gold, and that's creating part of the problems we have with the progression system.

Of course, they have to make money. But don't you think it's time for them to change the focus on the gold to the gems and cosmetics? By that I mean, creating cosmetics such as tower skins or card skins that can be only purchased with gems.

I really can't understand how this isn't a thing yet. It's working in a lot of games. Brawl Stars is a big example. I think Fornite can be another one (not sure 100% on that since I'm not playing right now, but it seems to be the case).

I mean, by making cosmetics the big focus of the spenders, you can be more generous about free rewards. Again, look at Brawl Stars and their Brawl Pass. They not only give you a lot of boxes, but also a lot of coins and power points. If you win the money with cosmetics, you can "devalue" the gold a little and make that chest rework we are all wanting, as well as better challenge rewards.

I know both games are different, but that shouldn't make a difference on the cosmetic side. You can see how people buys passes for tower skins and how the community has been asking for skins like forever, even for the "gold skins" they seem to have forget.

They said once their main issue with skins was that a card could be too hard to recognise for a newer player. Can't we solve that by adding a new tab in card's information menu that shows every skin that card has?

What are your thoughts on this? I want to know if you have more ideas regarding this subject.

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