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reddit Supercell acknowledged they dropped the ball because they did. They didn’t give any real direction in their response and didn’t address the biggest issue - the update doesn’t add fun.

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Clash is a 4 year old game that hasn’t really changed in that time. The concept is great but nothing last forever. The game needs to improve and it can by adding training, pve, and focusing more on tournament standards.

The introduction tutorial of the game is a joke. Kill the other players tower. Don’t let your tower die. Cards have different rarities. Good luck. That’s all it is and it isn’t acceptable. Adding specific scenarios where players must defend against different pushes or attack against different defenses in a training phase would improve the game so much. Make it a ladder like clash of clans has and make the challenge more and more difficult as you progress. The trainers now aren’t functional because they’re games against robot idiots that don’t teach anyone to improve.

Clan wars 2 isn’t good because it’s just clan wars in a new skin with a few minor rule changes. The only thing that changed was now you have to have 4 maxed decks to be relevant. Clan wars 2 should have introduced clans to new challenges they needed to tackle together. Imagine a village with four other clans and a baby dragon that grew up to a full on dragon is attacking. You and your clan mates must defend the city and attack the dragons minions. The clan who does the best can attack the dragon and steal her vast treasures.

The last thing is a simple question, when was the last time you entered a grand/classic challenge? I’m assuming the answer is a long time. No one plays them anymore because there is constantly another challenge happening and the rewards for those challenges are much better than classic and grand challenges. I could add the wait time and the fact that 80% of the player base in challenges represents the top 1% of the player base but it’s irrelevant. Challenges aren’t exciting and they’re expensive. Add more of an incentive to play challenges or allow free entries.

The game doesn’t need another reward system. It needs another play system. It’s stale and boring. Bring excitement don’t just reskin a bad idea.

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