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With the new Clan War 2.0 upgrade, we are seeking new active war clan members. We are also interested in merging if that is a better option. We currently have 25 members with only 15 or so actively participating that will be kicked if we get more members or merge. We are a friendly clan that has had the same core group since day 1 of Clash Royale. Core group ranges from 4500 - 5000+ trophies a season. 

Current Trophies: 1490
Clan Score: 38792
Donations/Week: 6082
Type: Open
Required Trophies: 4300
Location: US/UK
Clan Tag: #PRYQ22
Number of Members: 25
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Hey, let's do a clan merge! We have 43 members but at leasst 10-15 are not active so can easily make space for you. We are constantly active! Let me know if you're interested, we can make you leader an elder immediately 

Join the clan and we can move everyone over! 

Clan Name: CoC Commanders

Tag: #plypr2

Required Trophies: 4300 but can lower to get your people in 

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We have another 10-15 players who are not active and I am starting to cut now. Start joining and just mentioned you are part of the clan merge and we will add everyone and keep cutting to make as much room as you need. Does that work? We wil make sure to get all of your active members in 

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