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reddit [IMPORTANT UPDATE] I’m a Mod now, so allow me properly introduce myself! AMA too!

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• Hello everybody! It’s official; I am now a discussion moderator for r/ClashRoyale ! So, I’m going to write down some basic info about myself, how I got into Clash Royale, and future plans for posting here. So, let’s get to it, shall we!


Name: Jake Corbin

Age: 19 (Birthday; 2/27/2001)

Gender: Male (White)

Education: Currently a Sophomore at a State College as a Liberal Studies Major (most likely going to switch Majors, maybe go to trade school. Who knows)

Job: I work at a Kid’s Club for a Elementary School near my College (most likely going to try to find a better job)

Signature Quote: “Can’t never did a thing.”


It all started back in February of 2016, back when I was a Freshman in High School. I was at my “Cousin’s” new house and checking it out. He’s 4 years younger than me, but he is way more into gaming than me.

He introduced me to a little game called Clash Royale. He said that it was only on beta and he could help me get it, but I did not know about tech that much and thought it would somehow ruin my phone, so I declined the offer.

Around a month later, on March 5th 2016, My “cousin” (Jayden), told me that the game is available now and for us to play together. I got it and fell in love with it. I still remember my first deck: Knight, Mini Pekka, Goblins, Rage, Arrows, Cannon, Musketeer, and Witch (Who wants to see me use this Deck now? I would do it in a Tournament or something)

After struggling in Pekka’s Playhouse for a while, Jayden let me join his Clan and his Leader, “Saltshaker” taught me about Trifecta (Hog Rider, Valkyrie, and Musketeer), and I have been using a variant of it ever since. My first version was Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Musketeer, Inferno Tower, Goblins, Minions, Zap, and Fire Spirits. (I can use this Deck too, should I?)

Since then, I have moved to different Clans, even being in a semi-competitive Clan (shoutout to Vanguard, they are good), to now being in ErnieC3’s official Clan. And of course making my in depth post on the game and how to make it better. With the help of my friends I met on this server, like BossJohnHammer, Mew Mew, Yojojo, Pokerface, MissStealYourTrophies, Glazman, Goblin Guru, And so many more, my post would not be as good as they are now. Thank you, my Friends, for being there for me.


• So now we are in the present, but what can we expect for the future as a Mod now?

Season Analysis every Season no matter what!

Any News Updates on the Game when they come out

1-2 mini Discussion Post every Season (excluding this one so I can organize my future format)

A “How to Fix Clash Royale while still being Profitable” (title pending) post sometime in the future

A “Standardization Movement; Definitive Edition” post sometime in the future

• Once the 2 specific post I stated are done, I might slow down on post. But when u/Supercell_Drew made this post here, I don’t think That will happen.


• Now this is where YOU come in! Ask me any questions you like, no mater how personal or controversial! I do have the right to deny an answer however. I apologize if I don’t answer your question.


• I hope you all look forward to my future post and I hope I meet your expectations as a Mod. Have a nice day and Clash On!

• Also, for my American clashers, we must remember what happened on 9/11. Never forget it!

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