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My idea is to make another ranged unit more viable to bring down use rates on musky. The wizard in my opinion is the perfect candidate as it is already a problem card in mid-ladder and pratically useless in top ladder.

Current Wizard Stats(lv9)

Hp: 598

Attack: 234

Hit-speed: 1.4 sec

Range: 5.5 tiles

Splash Radius: around 1.5 tiles

Elixir Cost: 5 elixir

My Idea for Wizard stats(lv9)

Hp: 590 (To match health of other wizards)

Attack: 130 (No longer one-shots goblins and minions, but will still two shot princess, dart gob, and firecracker) Hit-speed: 1.3 (to compensate for changed stats)

Range: 5.5 tiles (if wizard is too weak the range cpuld be changed to domething around 5.7/8 tiles)

Splash Radius: around 1.2 tiles (Similar to baby dragon's splash radius to make it a harder card to use while making sure to not overshadow other splashers)

Elixir Cost: 4 elixir (This makes it more viable because when it was 5 elixir it was spell value for oppenents, especially with the tower. This also makes it a possible replacement to musky in some decks and can solve the problem of overuse in mid-ladder and no usage in top-ladder)

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