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reddit Important Observations/Stats of Boat Battles

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For anyone wondering how boat battles work or someone who wants to know more advanced stats about them: this is the post for you. I've listed out 10 important observations I have made while playing boat battles so far. I hope this helps you understand them or even find a way to exploit these mechanics. Good luck in your battles!

1.) How Defensive Troops Spawn - They do not spawn until you damage a defensive tower.

2.) King Tower Health - Your king tower has varying health based on your real king tower level. But they are all very low (below 1000).

3.) Defensive Troop Level Cap - Defensive troops are capped at level 9.

4.) Defensive Tower Elixir Refill Speed - It may seem like the defensive tower spawns troops infinitely but this is not the case. It actually fills up at a certain speed until it has enough elixir to spawn a defensive troop and it will do so whenever it gets damaged when full. I did some rough testing and found out defensive towers are at about x4 elixir refill speed. It takes about 0.7 seconds for the tower to spawn an Ice Spirit and about 5.4 seconds for the 3 Musketeers. (you get 1 elixir every 2.8 seconds in x1 elixir so the math works out to x4-4.5 elixir fill speed for the defensive towers.)

5.) Defensive Troop Spawn Pattern - They will spawn the first troop that is in the boat defense deck whenever they get damaged, second is spawned second when the tower is full, third is third, fourth is last, and then it repeats throughout the whole match.

6.) Downed Tower Troop Spawning - Downed towers spawn troops whenever they can. When they do get downed, they restart at 0 elixir and fill up at 1/3 speed.

7.) Defensive Tower Downed Explosion - When a defensive tower gets downed, it will destroy all offensive troops in a 9.5(ish) radius. Death spawning, death damage, and giant skeleton/balloon bombs will still happen.

8.) Defensive Troop Spawn Locations - Different defensive cards spawn at different places in the arena. I can't list out every single card spawn location, just know that they spawn in different places and to test out different decks. I have listed a few examples off the top of my head below. Also, Elixir Pump, Clone, and Mirror can not be used in defensive decks currently (idk who would want to use those cards anyway lol).

Mega Knight, Skarmy, PEKKA, Barbarians, and pretty much any spell will spawn in front of the tower. Royal Ghost, Ram Rider, Prince, Dark Prince, and Elite Barbarians will spawn on the opposite side. Most ranged troops spawn behind the tower. Buildings spawn in different locations based on whether they are a spawner or not.

9.) Defensive Troop Spawn Lag - It does matter where defensive cards spawn. The defensive tower throws an elixir blob to the spawn location of the card before it can be placed. So the cards that are thrown to the opposite side, take longer to place down than ones thrown right in front or behind the tower.

10.) Downed Tower Elixir Bonus - You get a full bar of elixir when you down a tower (so spend as much of your elixir to create the next push on the other tower right before the first one goes down.)

Again, I hope this helps! If you have any questions, lemme know! ;)

If you want to actually see examples of these points, I have made a video covering all the above topics here: https://youtu.be/OCRA8AUGORo.

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