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reddit [Effort Post] Clan Wars 2: Where Did It Go Wrong?

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Hello everyone, CharityFair here and welcome to my post! This time around we won't be suggesting the same stuff the community has done a thousandful, but we're going to talk about where it has gone wrong.

Now with the introductory stuff outta the way, let's get into it!

Clan Wars II Overall Feedback

Ever since the update that would ''save Clash Royale'' dropped (about a week and a half ago), people have made numerous complaints, and identified every single issue that made CWII less enjoyable, especially for the casual clans, who have been hit by this the most, and make up for the vast majority of the current playerbase.

People are disgruntled about this update. People are angry about it. People have suggested numerous ideas in order to improve CWII.

It suffices to say that people hate this update, and that it was the final nail in the coffin for many people.

We all know why this update has been looked down upon. System favoring higher leveled players, the rewards have been lumped into one place, the feature enforcing Ladder experience upon everyone, and most importantly, the rich get richer, while the poor are forced to scrape for rewards.

But where did it truly go wrong? Let's find out!

Clan Wars II: The Major Development Flaws

The current game mode is faulty for a number of reasons, as I said. People even said that the CWI was better in some of the aspects.

Clan Wars I had a two day period which was split into 2 main events: Collection Day, and War Day.

In Collection Day, you had to play different gamemodes, in order to receive Collection Day Chests, which gave you cards that added to your War Day Collection, from which you had to build a deck in order to fight with it on War Day. The more battles your clan did, the more cards added to your collection.

In War Day, you had to fight with a deck made from the card collection you accumulated in the previous day, as you now compete . One win on War Day gave you a War 'Badge', and the more War Badges, the higher you place in the War. At the end of the War, depending on your clan's placement in the war, you got a secured chest, which you'll receive at the end of the War Season.

CWI was notorious for the randomized card collection, which resulted in loosely built decks, and situations where one card collection was more convenient than the other.

On top of that, you didn't really get to interact with your opposing clans very much, as you fought against random opponents in order to rank better that the other clans, while they did the same, which made Clan Wars less of a War, and more of a boring, repetitive grind in order to get a single chest.

That being said, it did improve upon making a clan-specific event more interactive, with actual competition, and various gamemodes to choose from, instead of constantly playing Ladder in order to finish Tier 10 of the Clan Chest.

CWII has a 5-week period, which is split between River Races, along with a Final Race to the Colosseum.

In this new and 'improved' Clan Wars, people now get to interact with other clans, and essentially having those clan members as opponents in the new gamemodes.

The various gamemodes have been replaced by a few 1v1-centric gamemodes, which now give you 'Fame', a currency used to advance through the race, and get to the finish line, which awards you with a War Chest right off the bat.

If you fail to finish the race, you get a reward boot, a consolation prize, which doesn't hold a lot of rewards.

CWII did improve on some of the aspects from the previous CW, as now you essentially get to interact with your opponents, and now you can build your own decks to go to Battle with, as opposed to loosely built decks.

That being said, it exchanged one problem for another. Now, clan activity is more important than ever in order to get the highest chest possible, or even get a chest. The more clan members, the better. The higher the levels, the better. The more activity, the better.

This essentially sets a power class, in which only the biggest and most powerful clans win, while the casual clans get the boot.

On top of that, in CWII, you only have a few gamemodes, which are just 1v1 modes with extra steps, mirroring the Ladder experience which people tried to get away from.

People have suggested a number of solutions, including adding level caps, and making fame independent of levels.

But do the developers want that? Will they accept these ideas, considering this is how they released the feature like?

This can be attributed to two main causes for the update's failure:

  • The devs didn't spend more time in the update.

Now, hear me out. I think that one of the major flaws behind the update, was the fact that there was barely any content in it to begin with. And considering the amount of time that took to make this update, it is certainly underwhelming.

People argue that there should've been more content in the update than a revamp of the feature, plus some QoL changes. But here's the thing.

Judging by the fact that they took so long, it is possible that they may have used all this time in order to work on all the code to even put CWII in place: The fame currency, Duels and PvE, the way Clans advance based on fame, the matchmaking, and more.

That being said, it's still unreasonable to think that the coding to put CWII in place took 9 months in order to be finished, considering the CWI update only took 4 months. And even now, people still find a plethora of bugs, and issues with the update itself, which pretty much says that the feature wasn't even finished.

All that talk from Drew, saying that the update takes a long time to make, and that they want to make a polished, and fun feature that the dev team can be proud of pales in comparison to the fact that there's barely any content to go around. Drew even said that we should consider this update as Clan Wars 2 1.0.

They should've worked more on the update. Even if they lost a few players along the way, it's better to bring in an actual final product, instead of just releasing it, and then claiming that the feature isn't finished.

Because of this, now all the attention will be focused on fixing CWII, time which could be used to bring an actual fun feature to the table.

It doesn't matter that they're gonna add more modes in CWII in the future, considering those modes should've been present in the final product, after you set all the coding in place.

The update could've been much better, but now we're getting dick teases, hinting at the new improvements being added, basically the dev team saying "Oh, but there's more to come in CW2, and it will actually make the feature fun!".

  • They decided to release it like it is.

Even as an incomplete feature, CWII could've been released any other way. However, the dev team decided to release it as another competitive mode, where all the rewards have been lumped in order to force people to join Clans for better progression, all the while CWII forces the Mid-Ladder experience down everyone's throats, and casuals get wrecked.

There's a reason why they didn't add a level cap. There's a reason why they won't change it so that fame isn't dependent on levels anytime soon.

There's a reason they released the update the way they did.

It's to incentivize players to level up their cards, just like in Ladder. There is evidence within the feature itself, that this is made to serve as - and I could not stress this enough - yet another Ladder for people.

They gave people the ability to make their own decks, at the price of having the same meta in CWII through balance changes, and based on the fact that battling people from different clans isn't that far off from battling random people, it makes the feature itself stink of Ladder.

There is evidence pointing to the fact that the mode is similar to Ladder, and chances are, they're probably even going to monetize it.

This is a very destructive way to bring a new feature in the game. People wanted to get rid of the Ladder experience, NOT jump into another one.

Clash Royale: Is It The End?

There's no doubt that the update will improve over time. But the feature's first impression left a sour taste in many people's tongues. And considering that they wanted this update to be amazing, this didn't meet the people's dying expectations.

Judging by the many issues this update has, it will take a long time for the devs to rectify the feature. And by the time they fixed all the issues, people would've already lost interest. And the numbers are going to start dropping again. Then, we're gonna start seeing the beginning of the the end for the game Clash Royale.

No doubt there will always be people who will play this game. It's one of a kind. But it won't be very long before the playerbase number reaches critical mass.


So, what do you think? Do you think this update will pull through? Do you think Clash Royale will continue to live for another day? Tell me your opinions in the comments below!

See ya in the best post!

TL;DR: The update could've been better if they added all the features off the start, and even if they fix all the issues, people will eventually lose interest.

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