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reddit Dear CR team, the hardest thing to do may be the best thing to do

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I’m in the customer service industry(in a way most people are). Though my job is very different from dealing with software like the dev team, I do deal with fixing problems and making people happy. These are things that this team needs badly right now. That being said, the simplest thing to do in this situation is sometimes the hardest. To admit you’re wrong and apologize.

It let’s people know you care about what you did and you’re going to put in an effort to change it. It’s not hard to see that people are not happy. I’m on the side of the disgruntled as I’m not happy about the update or time it took, but that’s not the point. The point is even if the update was great it’s obviously not what was wanted. They could’ve apologized and put in an effort to change, or at least say next time they’ll try to do better. Instead they’ve tried to do something that had no chance of success, try to convince us we’re all wrong and it is good. They’ve done nothing but defend it. You aren’t going to convince us, we know what we want and what we don’t. Even if you feel the update is right, you are dealing with the public wrong.

I’ve yet to see Drew(no, it’s not all his fault, but he’s who we deal with) admit they messed up, admit that they foresaw the update differently, admit it’s not what many wanted, admit anything. Until he does that, he’ll never be able to apologize. It’s a hard thing to do, especially in his position. But looking at the state this community is in, I don’t see much positive progress until this step is taken.

Now there’s gonna be a couple people with the argument that this update didn’t fail, we only think it did because this subreddit is a “bubble” and “echo chamber”. Let me briefly explain the problem with that. An echo chamber is where the majority is reinforcing eachother by saying the same thing(and in here upvoting eachother) so you aren’t seeing the posts of those that disagree because they’re drowned out by the majority. Let me repeat that part though, the “MAJORITY”..... that means that in order to have that here, the majority must be upset. If a majority of your customers are upset, you failed.

As for the “bubble”, it is true that this subreddit does not represent all communities in CR. However, it is a sample of them. Considering the size of the game, it isn’t the biggest sample size but it is sample. So if what we see is everyone is unhappy here it may not mean they are all unhappy everywhere, but it does show that probability is there for it unless shown otherwise. So unless you have a sample(another community, not your personal little 30 man clan that still buys pass royale lol)showing otherwise, the “bubble” argument is unfounded.

I know these posts are hard to read and frustrating for the people they are meant for. However, it’s important to realize, that none of us would be going through writing these if we didn’t care about this game, if we didn’t ever love playing it, or if we felt all hope was lost for it. I’m hoping that you see this.

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