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reddit The problem with CR Team! Honest criticism by a software developer

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I work in the mobile gaming industry. There are not a lot of games out there that were once hugely successful as Clash Royale. I remember the day trying the game when it came out as a game developer. I was amazed, the high strategical thinking required paired with the simplicity was so amazing. I was trying to put myself into the developers mind and was thinking how they managed to make such a banger app! I loved the game and kept it on my phone unlike other games I usually delete. Since CR is derived from Clash of Clans I was comforted that I was in an environment I am familiar with.

A year passes.... The game is still rockin the game, new cards, new mini updates, major updates(quests) they were keeping the game fresh! Another year passes its still holding up together pretty good, i was a bit annoyed by the same usual stuff but I still played it since it required a lot of skill to get bored of the game. In October Clan Wars released, I was once again impressed! Slowly the year passed Clan wars is still rocking but slowly started to get stale by 2020. Fortunately Clash Royale released the New Seasons Update which was a hit amongst player base but....

This was amazing and all but soon as new seasons started releasing the game managed to stay fresh untill the community started getting tired of the same stuff in Clan Wars 1. So they revealed they were working on an update that was anticipated to be the very Clan Wars 2!

Months (for a developer its days since its a lot of code and u have to work quickly !) passed and the update is here. I as an player I am disappointed in the update but as a developer I will appreciate the work the coders and the UI design people did! However, the update made the community feel like they were not listened to!

Usually a game developer team should and must have a leader. The leader helps the team execute the vidion if the update. In the CR teams case thats not the way it is, there is no frickin leader 😂!

So what went wrong: 1. No leader pretty sure caused chaos amongst the team

  1. Lack of communication with the community

  2. Implementing features and releasing updates based on a money making model

  3. Catering only to pay 2 win players. They introduced Four decks into CW2 so players will play with more decks and learn more skill but necessary actions should be taken to make the new change comfortable to the player. For example they could reduce the card upgrade gold, give more gold in challenges and chests since player needs to upgrade 4 Decks!

  4. Didnt get feedback from community before releasin the update. They already teased the UI, why not ask the players how they like it?

  5. Major bugs in the game

How they can fix all this:

  1. Listen to the community

  2. The team should get a leader who is amazing at managing the team and help them deliver amazing updates

  3. Get into the mind of an f2p players, understand their difficulties, understand how hard it is for them to play in a pay2win environment. Or you can listen to the community to get feedback

4.The community manager needs to listen to the community more and if they do get a leader, he or she needs to share the communities wishes to the team and the leader so they can come up with priorities that can be implemented in the update. For example I saw a post a few months ago about a token which lets u swap the card levels between two cards. That idea was brilliant and it could be implemented in clan wars 2 ! But supercell went with the trader instead which is certainly not a progression boost or fun.

5.Recently after the communities dissatisfaction with the update and lack of communication drew started communicating very efficiently but its still not fixed. The new glitch where we can play with a card in our deck is amazing. Its fun and not disruptive, the community asked for a game mode where they can play with one card instead they chose to patch it! They also ignored the communities request to boost progression and fix the issue where it give a 100 gold extra in cw2! Seriously?

The only things I appreciate is the feature that allows us to know whose online and the incomplete deck bug. The gold and the shop redesign is appreciated too but still not enough to boost progression for f2p by a significant update.

Themis community comes up with one of the most impressive ideas to be implemented in the game. Its like they are doing part of the job for game designers who have to come up with new ideas. For example if u have a new card with ridiculous stats, u can balance it out and put a poll to the community whether they would be comfortable with the card in the game or if its broken.


TL;dr : A software developers update criticism that outlines the problems of cw2, it took me 30 min to write this so read this!

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