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reddit Clan wars 2 has doomed my Clan (and many others). Thanks CR Team

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We we're a healthy 40/45 people Clan, competing at war, getting #1 chest each season in Legendary Leage.

We were a bunch of casuals enjoying the game and playing ladder, we never we're in the global top but managed to enter the local 1000 Clan both in trophies and war.

We took some bad decisions time ago: because we were almost full and decided to create a secondary Clan. Some of our members took the opportunity to create their own small kingdom and never wanted back, though there was no bad ill neither. They never managed to play wars consistently but hey, could play some of them and even win sometimes, even with small participation.

Still, our main Clan stayed quite strong and managed to attract a few more good players.

Everything was OK and then Clan Wars II happened.Now we had to beg our other Clan for help, or help them. They got to 48K fame and got nothing in return, all really pissed off. We were more lucky and could finish 3rd place. But we can't win any more wars until next month and have to accept being permanently third place because we compete against better and fuller Clans. One of our two Clans will probably die in less than a month, or will be transformed in a graveyard of unactive accounts. Even that will not ensure the other will survive.

Some members are fleeing, some are not playing anymore. We are losing people each day.By the time the CR team makes any changes, many Clans like ours will wither and slowly bleed people, will almost stop playing wars, and/or die completely.

Because you can't rename a Clan, you can't offer other people to merge and preserve their Clan name. You either give away your Clan or close it and lose all the trophies in it (one has 2995, the other 1500 at the time).

Many players prefer to enter a ZERO trophies Clan but feel it it's theirs, than adopting or merging with some other Clan. Which is absurd but hey, we humans are sometimes.

Without proper tools to manage a Clan now, recruiting made very hard, and not a single way to compete, leaders like me are feeling torn and sad. I don't really know what to do anymore. This was supposed to be fun, not a burden to carry on plus of all the complicated things you have to bear in life.

I'll probably give leadership to a poor fellow and flee for good from the Clan, or the game even. I wanted to be in a fun, semi-casual place to enjoy the game without the pressure to make people play continuously or having to kick them.

Now I have to kick non-actives and steal players from other Clans if we want to survive.

And I don't feel like I want to be a leader anymore. Not with this game, not with this system, wars and tools. I'm tired of all this, of hoping for a future, a better update that does not come, or even worse, just comes and it's a greater nightmare for your Clan.

Sure, we (I) have made mistakes. Sure, we should have been more ambitious and less indulgent with our members sometimes. Maybe infuse a competitive mind and attract better, more active players while we could. We didn't expect the game to become this, though, and we didn't at accordingly.

I'm not angry anymore with the game devs. I'm just tired, and sad.

I'm starting to not care much if we just kill the Clan and we lose all trophies. It's nothing, a stupid game really.

It was fun while it lasted. But all good things have to come to an end, don't they?

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