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reddit The price of bad decisions in Clash Royale compared to COC

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coc is a game that can be played offline

meaning, you don’t have to be online to your base be attacked

CR is online, you can only have a match if you are online at the same time as the other person

if a bad decision os done in coc, players leave, but that’s not that bad since abandoned bases are easier to attack, independent if that player was a pro or a casual (the first that leaves are casuals)

so a bad decision in coc yields easier gameplay, allowing players to stay (the fanbase)

(fanbase are people who loves the game like all of us in this sub, independent of they hype of the moment)

but in CR things are different, you have to be present at the same time as another person to have a match

if a bad decision is done, the first players to leave the game are always casuals, pros tend to stat longer, hence why they are pros

as casuals leave the game, matchmaking will become harder and harder to find an opponent in your level/arena, making you be matched with a pro since the casuals left

and because the casuals left, you are now facing pros non-stop, making the game extremely boring

and that creates an incentive for the fanbase to also leave the game, which again forces matchmaking to make you face even more skilled opponents making the game also boring to you, and making you leave, the cycle repeats

but the cycle repeating is not the problem, every time this cycle repeats, it becomes stronger, also known as death spiral

in coc, abandoned bases still allow gameplay

in cr, abandoned collections does not allow gameplay

a bad decision is expensive in CR, and can take down the game entirely if it’s not fixed quickly enough

there are many people in this sub with great ideas on how to improve gameplay

the dev team literally has a huge base of free beta testers that can tell what is or is not a good idea

meaning, the community is a great source of info and opinions on what is or isn’t a good idea, all CR need to do is not only listen to the community, but also use the community to improve development

all this needs is having more communication between the devs and us

what are you planning to do? what are the thought CR team have in mind for the next update? what’s being worked on?

there is a ton of feedback from this, yet it feels that “we did this update this way because we wanted to”, without any regard of whether it was a good idea or not

I really hope this update does not kill the game, I have had 2 people leaving my clan since they said they are going to stop playing the game and they didn’t joined any other clan in the meantime

like drew said “why don’t you just have an active clan to do war?”

I tell you “why don’t you just not kill your game?”

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