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reddit 2020 will most-likely be the end of the golden age of Clash Royale

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Edit: the rumor about CRL ending is confirmed by Drew to be false. It is now not known why CRL players are unhappy.

With the failure of the long-awaited Clan Wars 2 update and the rumored ending of CRL, it appears that CR as we know it will be dead soon.

The update was a complete disaster. It only included one big feature, which was clan wars 2. This was intended to breathe life back into the game for players who were tired of the daily cycle of playing clan wars 1 and grinding in mid-ladder, but it did the opposite. A majority of the playerbase hates the update, and the people who don't hate it still agree that Supercell could have done a lot better.

There are so many features that the community wanted to be added to the game, and a pay-to-win replacement for clan wars certainly wasn't one of them. Here is a short list of features Supercell could have been working on instead of clan wars 2:

  • 2v2 ladder
  • A revamped TV Royale (possibly with live spectating)
  • Reworks to controversial cards such as elite barbarians, wizard, e-golem, heal spirit, etc.
  • A single-player campaign
  • More deck slots
  • Tickets for classic/grand challenges so that people actually play them
  • Reducing RNG by adding either fixed starting hands or not allowing certain cards to be in your starting hand
  • More ways for skilled players to progress faster so that they're not stuck in mid-ladder
  • A sandbox mode to test interactions
  • Actual troop skins instead of just making everything gold
  • A new feature to spice-up the way the game is played, such as adding heroes or different tower weapons

Anyways, the second reason why I think Clash Royale is coming to an end is that Clash Royale League most-likely won't continue next year. A lot of CRL pro players are expressing their sadness/frustration on twitter over something, and that thing is rumored to be that this fall season will be the final season of CRL.

It isn't known why CRL is ending, but it is probably due to the trending down of CR as a game and a lack of profit from CRL. CRL ending will have huge consequences for the pro community and the game in general. CRL pros will lose interest in the game and pros/semi-pros who have been grinding in order to have a chance to get into CRL will lose interest even faster. The effects of CRL ending will slowly ripple down through the community, causing players to lose interest in CR.

Even though I love the game and I have played it for 4.5 years, I am thinking of quitting soon. Several of my clanmates already have. Unless Supercell somehow manages to revive the game, it is likely that Clash Royale will lose players and become a forgotten mobile game.

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