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reddit From someone who works in the software industry: Hey CR team, don't listen to the haters, what you did with this update is actually really impressive!

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(Added an addendum to this repost for the mods)

No, seriously!

In fact, it's so impressive that I just wouldn't have believed that it was possible. We're in the software industry, so clearly the lock-down situation barely has any impact on us. (At least, for well managed teams...) Yet, it took you guys so long to literally push out a heavy downgrade 'update' to your game.

So many serious bugs, I've lost track.

Replaced a hated system with an even worst one. (Quite impressive in itself!)

Took months and months to release it.

Haven't added any QoL changes.

Still haven't fixed old problems (card info screen for example still shows the intro video first instead of the stats AND the stats still haven't been standardized across all cards, for example it's missing the DPS info for a lot of card... which is just really basic as far as stats goes for what brands itself as an e-sport game.)

The new GUI and the error messages are incredibly un-intuitive.

In addition, you've pretty much killed casual clans, insulted your players, forced your players into playing the game "your way" if they want to get any account progress, removed any other incentive to play, you've refused to acknowledge the serious foundational flaws in your thinking and design... In fact, several posts from Drew are doubling down on these design flaws.

But here's the brilliant part, so brilliant I just can't imagine it, you've managed to do all of this as a team without anyone, to my knowledge, getting fired. Honestly, as someone in the industry, I'm literally amazed. Kudos to you all!

We know how this works: Your A team created the game a few years ago, and the fast fun game-play got millions of players hooked. The A team then moved on to different teams/division/companies and what's left is who wasn't able to get a better position. Usually those people are at least smart enough to run their department in a long tested and proven method of small iterative changes.

But not you guys, you were brave enough to give up on any improvements and just get rid of anything good and replace it with untested badly designed stuff.


Addendum: This was first posted here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashRoyale/comments/ipelsx/from_someone_who_works_in_the_software_industry/

The mods removed and locked it with the given reason being:

Rule 2: Low discussion potential Even though it was the #1 post on the sub, with over 1400 upvotes and over 160 comments in just 4 hours.

When their excuse was challenged in modmail, they said that the post was removed as no solutions had been provided. So I've agreed to list solutions here and they've said this should be enough to not get the post removed again:

  • Get a real game designer with more experience
  • Actually listen to players' suggestions and implement them
  • How long has CWA been rightly begging for Challenge tokens?!
  • Don't double down on bad design choices when called out
  • Fix the card stats
  • Stop removing stuff people like
  • Add back some of the stuff we liked and that you removed (quests, epic chests in the shop, weekly clan chest, battle log button on the main battle screen, emotes sold the old way)
  • Think of lower level players
  • Think of casual players
  • Think of casual clans
  • Don't force clans and players to play one specific way (Your way)
  • Let everyone progress meaningfully by playing any way they want
  • Actually increase gold significantly for everyone, not just hardcore players

The design goals are wrong and the team needs to refocus the effort on the game being fun for everyone, not just hardcore players.

I will refrain from posting the usual other solutions posted from everyone else. They can be added if the mods feel like this post needs even more solutions listed.

In conclusion, everything that was listed as wrong in the original post, yeah, don't do that, and do the opposite. Thanks!

(PS: Please stay on topic, let's not switch this post into a topic about the mods.)

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