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reddit I honestly think this update is the worst thing to ever happen to this game.

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I'd rather have an meta double spawner deck and OP 6-elixir Royal Recruits back than have this new clan wars update. Every changed has caused the game to be less fun and harder for a casual player to enjoy their experience playing the game.

Absolutely zero fun is being had at the moment, I'm literally only playing out of habit and hopes they change the game back or make it significantly better soon.

No fun on mid-ladder against level 13s as usual.

No fun on mid-ladder 2.0 (clan wars) against level 13s every single game.

No fun variety of game-modes in clan wars any more like draft and classic deck matches.

No fun level-capped game-modes in clan wars any more like draft and classic deck matches.

ZERO insentive for a f2p player to play the game any more due to lack of rewards for losing games, you only earn good rewards if you win which is nearly impossible for under leveled players playing against maxed decks.

Playing the same clans for 5 week straight coming 4th and not finishing the race every single time because you're in a casual clan and not some hardcore clan that has 50 active players every hour of every day.

Using the same decks every day because they're the only decent level cards you have instead of being able to experiment and have fun playing randomly created decks on war days and draft matches.

Playing against meta decks or popular classic decks every single game in wars and on ladder because you can just choose what you want now instead of having the fun of playing drafts or war day with random cards.

The new free rewards every day suck any element of "reward" out of it. I'd rather have less cards and gold from the chests and earn them rather than just handed a random card every day. What's the fun in that?

It's an absolute slap in the face to any casual player. I can't possibly see how any new player would ever want to play this game either. Either pay to win or suffer through repeated losses 90% of the games you play.

I've not put a single penny into the game and that means Clash Royale doesn't care about me at all. Either pay to win or don't have fun. Brilliant business model to keep fans happy.

If things don't change in the next month, I'm 100% going to be gone and I don't think I'll come back. I've lost all trust in this game and the people behind it.

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