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reddit Crazy Thought! What if Clan Wars 2 came first and the original Clan Wars was the new release? We'd actually be thrilled right now with all the improvements w'd be betting!!!

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Imagine a parallel universe where Clan Wars 1.0 didn't exist and the original version of Clan Wars was the Boat release we just got. And due to all complaints, Supercell gave us the original Clan Wars (1.0) as the new and improved release. We'd probably be thrilled!!

Imagine the improvements that Drew could tout:

  1. Less P2W! Card levels capped by league: Bronze at 10, Gold at 11, Legendary at 12.
  2. Clans of all sizes can now compete fairly! Smaller clans will be matched up against similarly sized clans so that all clans have a roughly equal chance of winning the war and getting a 1st place chest!
  3. Don't need four decks of maxed cards anymore! Can just play one final war deck battle instead.
  4. Tournament standard modes! New collection day feature that will have tournament standard modes for underleveled players!
  5. Increased variety of game modes! Collection day battles will also include the option to play different modes such as Draft, Triple Draft, 2v2, etc so that you can get more variety than stale ladder type matchups!
  6. Eliminate war fatigue! War will no longer be 24x7 all the time. Players can now choose how often they want to war. Anywhere from 7 wars per 2 weeks (ie. 24x7) or opt out and only do one war per two weeks and still get a clan war chest!
  7. New war matchup every third day! Got an unfair matchup where you get smashed an entire month by overleveled clans? No problem, with new and improved war, you get a new matchup every 3 days and don't have to live a month of boring hell!

If only Clan Wars 2.0 came first, and 1.0 was the new and improved version, we'd be so happy right now =P

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