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I was a hardcore Clash of Clan-er. Co-leader in a big and consistent clan where we formed solid clan friendships. The game became a grind-fest, and a lot of us got burned out, so we started a new clan in Clash Royale when it started out, with a lot of the same players. We're all professionals in our 30s, with kids and wives and lives, but popped in enough to shoot the breeze, do our war attacks, and casually play at our own pace. A number of us migrated entirely to CR, leaving COC behind completely.

War v1 came, and we had a clan mutiny/split, mostly because this a-hole loudmouth newcomer named Tito demanded I, the leader, start kicking everyone he didn't like, no matter how long they had been in our clan. We survived it, though, even when we saw 50% of our clan leave. We stayed strong, continued to play, grow, and we won our wars.

Then v2 came out. No one is happy about it. The button placement, while maybe possibly innocent, comes across like a dishonest gem-grab, and we've all fallen for it countless times. The gameplay makes little sense to us, and we're having a hard time making sense of it to each other. Anything in an app game that requires a manual to understand is too much to ask of your casual app players. And, yet, we are that team who is making this game even less fun for the other 4 clans stuck with us. We're taking them to the ground without much effort, and seeing lots of matchups where our lvl 13 cards are wiping the floor with their lvl 9-11 cards. I feel badly for them, genuinely.

I'm reminded of feeling the same way I did when CoC lost its appeal, and I'm feeling that way now. I don't care for v2, I'm not excited about it, I feel obligated to participate, and I saw our community manager "ask a hard question" in a way that communicates to me clans like mine don't belong here. So, I've tried to focus on the rest of the game features, but it seems dry and more of the same.

My motivation to log in has been low. I'm not queueing up chests like I used to. I hear CoC has gotten better, so maybe I blow the dust off my old account and say hello to my own clanmates again. I dunno.

Anyway, I don't expect anyone to care, but I figured I'd lend my small, lone voice to the community.

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