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We have tried to make things as easy as possible when you post a recruitment topic.  However, there are somethings to keep in mind.

  • When posting about your clan, more information is better.  With the countless amount of clan currently in the game, simply posting a topic and just including you clan's tag is more than likely NOT going to attract anyone's attention. Add more info about how long you've been around, if you care people participate in war, etc.
  • Feel free to use the template we've setup for you.  The template is designed to make all your important info stand out and displayed nicely for everyone to see.
  • Post only ONCE in the sub-fourm which bests fits your current trophy requirement.  Even if you are looking for a range of people, for the sake of the site and everyone else, only post ONCE.  Duplicate threads will be deleted.  Depending on the amount of threads posted or history, posting more than ONE topic can result in your account receiving a warning which prevents you from posting for 24 hours.  Additional offenses will just result in your account being banned. If you have a specific need where you need more than one topic, contact staff first to see if an exception can be made.

Best of luck!

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