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The one size fits all clan war 2.0 is doing more harm than good. What about a choice to pick what kind of participation you want to war with. The boom Beach standard was 5-10-25-50 which was beautiful as each size completely changed the game.

I have helped run a clan from the beta that has always taken pride in our position on the leaderboards. Before clan wars came to be, we were ranked as one of the top clans in points. After clan wars, we adapted and changed our focus to wars and were even more successful at it. as a clan of 30 members and 20 (at most) actively daily participants in war we achieved something we were proud of 37,000+ clan points. Good enough to be rank 722 on the global leaderboards and to finish 25th in North America. A feat we were and are very proud of.

We never had the best players, nor the most active, but when it came to wars we all chipped in and regularly fought wars without a single loss. As a small clan, we have faced many problems in growing our clan, the least of which finding new players who could both meet our war expectations and fit into our little family.

With Clan Wars 2.0 however, we are all disheartened, we are all upset, we are all irritated, and facing internal clan conflicts all directly caused by the updates to wars. Let me start first by saying we only have two players with maxed cards, the rest of us worked hard to level everything up to 12 (old standard) and made do with whatever else we could. On this front, we are making do. We are all very solid players and can regularly win matchups even when we have under-leveled cards. I am very proud of my clan for working together to help each one improve with multiple decks and coming together to practice and make war decks together in 1.0. yet, in 2.0 we are struggling. even with multiple members going 4-0 each day we are currently getting creamed for the second week in a row to a South Korean clan that has 50 members. Don't get me wrong, they are a solid clan who also achieved 30k plus "veteran" clan points. But we can't even give them a fair fight. We can't compete with a worse clan with more members than use. We can't do anything, we cant win more, we can't do anything to leverage out having 20 fewer members than them.

Furthermore, I am not sure when the daily deck reset is for everyone, but it seems to be region-specific, and as such it almost seems like this clan gets to reset a few hours before us every day. Although, its not much at the start of the week, by the time we reach the bridge, that last reset, that last push to win, they get it hours before us.

We have always overcome great odds to get to where we were but this time we are at a loss. The only option we seem to have is begging for new players to join our ranks, just to compete.

And more as a personal point, a feeling shared by the few I've discussed this with is how will supercell treat "veteran" points in the months to come? The few of us that had legendary cups in the past were so proud to have that badge of honor on our profile as a statement to both our longevity and our competitiveness within it. As 2.0 looks right now... we may never compete at those levels again, or at least not for a very long time as we try to reorganize. So my question is, what will happen to veteran points in the months to come? will that clan achievement of ours remain forever... or will that too just get removed for some stupid clan emote.

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