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reddit Petition to add back “Classic deck” and “Triple Draft” to clan wars as river tasks.

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One of the reasons I actually played in CW1 was because I could play the classic deck and draft challenges during collection day and not have to worry about over leveled players. I almost never played the game modes that were not at tournament standards because of over-leveling.

In CW2 that is not an option, and you are stuck facing over-leveled players. Since you must use 32 unique cards, you usually end up with a very under-leveled deck with weak cards for some decks.

The solution: bring back tourney standard game modes as river tasks. The way it would work is that you would “use up” one of your war decks, much like the boat repairs, and then you can enter a tourney standard game mode.

This would allow under-leveled players to have a chance at participating in war without a level cap. Even if you aren’t under-leveled, you probably have “that one weak deck” so you can always trash the deck and never have to play it. Instead, you can play draft or classic deck.

What do you guys think about this idea?

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