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Old Rewards Vs New Rewards. Part 2!

I got a lot of feedback regarding my previous post as to suggestions to use in order to make comparisons of the old rewards vs the new rewards more fair and easier to read. I have tried my best to incorporate them here.

The link is here of the post from a few days back :

Link Here To Old Post

Some of the Feedback was :

  1. Make a summary of everything we used to get and compare it with a summary of everything we now get. Here is the summary.


All calculations are based on a clan that is situated in legendary league. Some concerns from lower clans that they get even far less rewards now compared to the old system.

NOTE in the above, "Using Chance For Legendary" simply means we include the chance for getting a bonus non guaranteed legendary card in all instances and then multiplying it by 20,000 as a legendary card is worth 20,000 gold (See further about this value).

As an example, a gold chest is worth 1165 gold in terms of converting its cards into gold. However it currently has a 0.6% chance of containing a legendary card. With this included, a gold chest is now calculated to be worth 1165 + 0.6% of 20,0000 = 1285 Gold. This has been calculated for all chests in the game.

NOTE 2 : Chances for getting bonus Epic cards have not been included. Given that prior to the update the prizes given to us included more chests, this would have actually favoured boosting the old rewards figures even more.

2) Last time I used a figure of Gems = 275 gold and explained my thought process for this. Some people didn't like this and everyone had different figures they believe this should be. This time I have simply kept the gems number in the calculation and you can decide what it is worth.

NOTE: In the old rewards calculation above it says we used to get around 30 Gems per week. I believe I have underestimate this figure due to the possibility in the old clan wars giving a prize every 2 days that might have included between 10 - 50 Gems. In fairness, if I included the possibility of getting those Gems, the average gold won would have to have been adjusted down too.

3) The community asked that I assume all clan war battles are won at a 50% rate. This includes the old clan wars card collection battles, final war day and the new clan wars battles. Also last time I did not include the gold for losing clan wars 2 matches. So this figure has been increased.

4) The community seemed to think the average figure I should have used for clan war 2 battles should be 2200 gold. This has been done.

5) Everyone seemed to be happy with my rules for converting cards to gold. I did not use the shop price gold, but instead the "selling price" or "Half Price". As an example a Legendary Card is worth 40,000 gold in the shop. But if you use a trade token and give a way a maxed Legendary, it will cost you just the token and 20,000 gold. Also if you have a particular Legendary Card maxed and gain that same one in the chest, you will get 20,000 gold for it.

Rules For Calculations:

Common Cards = 5 Gold

Rares = 50 Gold

Epics = 500 Gold

Legendary Card = 20,000

6) But they mentioned 2 sets Tokens to be given away for free in global tournaments and you made no mention of this.

First, there doesn't seem to be any difference here to me. Prior to the update, the last few global tournaments included getting these tokens. All we are told is that it will stay like this every single time from now on.

Second, in terms of the amount of gold they are worth, if you have 10 of a type, and then gain a new one, the following is the amount of gold you receive:

Common Token = 250 Gold

Rare Token = 500 Gold

Epic Token = 1000 Gold

Legendary Token = 2,000 Gold

A full set of these Tokens = 3750. So two full sets = 7500 gold.

We do need tokens though. But in terms of converting them purely into gold, the game evaluates 2 sets of them to be worth 7500 gold. To win those requires at least 8 wins in the global tournament. Prior to these 8 prizes always being tokens, you had chances to win more gold or chests worth more than 7500 gold.

7) Last time I over estimated clan war 1 and clan war 2 finishes. People said I should assume a First, Second, Third, Fourth and a Fifth placing for both the old and new clan wars and average it out.

This means the following figures have been adjusted.

Clan War 1). In the calculation I assumed the clan always won clan war 1. This meant that everyone received 1000 gold which could be doubled.

I changed this figure to 550 gold to reflect the average gold you would get for finishing 1st through to 5th.

Clan Wars 2) My calculations involved the clan having a best case scenario of either always finishing 1st or 2nd, and another calculation where it might have finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a 3 week cycle.

This time I have adjusted the figures to reflect the clan finishing 1st through to 5th

8) Feedback I got asked me when making the tables, please put the everything removed all in a one section, and then put everything the new update now gives us all in another section.

NOTE: I've done this, and also changed calculations to include average weekly gold earnt amounts instead of average daily gold amounts as I feel these figures were much easier to work with and understand.

OK so below are the two tables that calculate all this.

Table 1) Below uses no chance of getting a legendary card in any chest.


Table 2) Below calculates chances of getting a bonus legendary in all chests. Chances of bonus epic cards have not been used and would have added more to the to the old rewards and only a little more to the new update figures.


So there it is. I've tried to incorporate all the advice from the previous post in creating a much more fair and readable presentation. I feel have also leaned as fair as possible to cater for the new rewards by not including gems earnt from the old clan war (which I value gems very highly) or included chances of Epic cards in chests. The old reward system included far more chests as rewards, so not including the chances of Epic cards means the figures for the old system would be better by more.

The main reason people now get less rewards was discussed in my previous post but basically in the old clan wars, each clan pretty much had a guarantee to win the top prize clan war chest. Once my clan made it into legendary league, it won the first place chest every single time. The reasons for this is that first of all, each clan was always matched up evenly with the same amount of participants sizes of other clans. Also the clan only needed to finish first at least one time in 7 attempts.

In new clan wars, the clan would need to win or at least come second every single time for rewards to get close to matching the old rewards (that was covered more in the old post).

To be honest, I really fear for the game in its current state. Let me say I like the update and the new clan wars seems fun. I have found fair match ups and the new system is good.

I believe from all this analysis that rewards are not better. They might seem that they are better, but in reality they are not. I believe Supercell honestly believe they are better but I hope they can see their claim might not be true.

Second why I fear for the game is the new system in its current form will be the destruction of many clans. The old clan wars didn't need everyone doing battles. So even though it may have been full, if just 15-25 people wanted to do clan wars, the clan got a fair battle. These types of clans are struggling to even finish the current clan wars and as such will get almost no rewards and slip out of their leagues.

The other reason I believe many clans will implode is that there are very little means to even be able to climb into other leagues. With the old clan wars, every 2 days the clan could earn 100 clan trophies for a win, 50 for a loss and would lose a few for a third (but break even in the end). Remember that any player winning the final war day also contributed to the clans war trophy amount. So if a clan came first, and 20 participants also won their final war day battles, the clan gained +120 war trophies.

The current system only allows a clan to gain +20 for a win, +10 for second place and -5 for third place etc. There is no means to add more trophies for player performances within that.

I mentioned my suggestions as an edit to my post last time but not sure many saw it. So this time I will post them from the beginning.


Step 1) I would at the very least give people winning any clan war game the ability to unlock a chest slot. Right now we can unlock chest slots via party mode games or ladder only. Lets give that ability to clan war games too. This will give some people an extra incentive for doing clan war attacks every day. Some people might only have 20-30 minutes of play each day. As such they want to quickly log on, and have chests ready to unlock. Allowing clan war wins to also do that would be great.

Step 2) Allow as many people to attack in clan wars all at the same time. In the old clan wars, this wasn't a problem. On war day we had one attack and that was it. When everyone has up to 4 attacks a day, sitting through and waiting for others to finish their attacks is annoying. I am a clan leader and when midnight strikes, despite me wanting to attack immediately, I sit back to allow other clan members to attack first. Each person could spend around 20 minutes to finish their attacks. I allow them to do it because I don't know if they will only log on once per day and I want to make sure they can do their attacks, Now multiply that by a potential 50 players in each clan and that could be a lot of time sitting around waiting to try and do all your attacks. Also due to not actually knowing how many attacks others have left, I will often sit and wait till that person logs out. We don't need to actually know how many attacks each person has left if you simply allow us all to attack in clan wars whenever we want too.

Step 3) The above two ideas will hopefully help more people want to do attacks in clan wars and maybe keep it alive and well for longer, however rewards are still lacking.

Whilst it is a team game, let's perhaps reward individuals a bit more. The fame tally could continue to count even if the river race is completed (currently this fame count stops when you finish it). At the end of the week you as an individual would get a little bonus based on your total fame.

Instead of a separate bonus for the individual fame earnt, I would do the following. Do not reward the clan wars chest the moment your clan crosses the river. Instead use the players personal fame for the week to help decide what chest you get given.

If your clan finishes 1st, then no problem, every member in the clan that participated will get that 1st place chest at the end of the week, as this is the best possible.

However if your clan finishes 2nd or lower (or even doesn't finish), then it counts your individual fame for the week. You would then set goals for this and each goal equates to a chest. So 4000 fame in a week might equate to a 1st place chest, 3500 might equate to 2nd, 3000 might equate to 3rd etc. (I use these numbers as examples, these could be tweaked of course).

So in my above example lets say your clan came 2nd, but you got over 4000 fame for the week, you are then given the 1st place clan chest as that is the greatest result out of the two.

If your clan didn't finish the race but you got 3100 fame for the week, you will get the 3rd place clan wars chest. You do not get 2 chests, but you get the best result out of your personal fame for the week and the clans final finish.

Another advantage to this is that someone might have missed out on initially participating in the clan war due to the clan being so fast at completing it. In this case, they could still grind their fame during the week and will get a clan war chest that corresponds to that.

I would love these ideas because I then don't need to keep barking instructions and convincing my clan how good clan wars is (I actually do think it's good btw), and that we should be attacking all the time, or contemplating kicking some that doesn't want to do them. I would know that I could just earn the chests by individually play. I think this change would save a lot of smaller clans stay together too because generally we stay in the clans we are in because we have grown with the people together. Many people in my clan have been with me for 4.5 years since this game came out and that would be the same with other clans. This would also encourage people to not lose courage or interest in the game because their clan is not pulling their way. Keeping clans together (the grassroots of the game) will keep the game more healthy.

Step 4) Allow player performances to give clan war trophies to the clan. As explained on the old clan wars, we used to be able to get 100 clan trophies every 2 days but on top of that every individual war day win gave more clan war trophies too! The only way I can think of incorporating more trophies into this current system is by using each players individual fame to add some trophies in. As an example, all people that got at least 3000 fame for the week give the whole clan they are in 1 more clan trophy point. You could award 2 points for over 4000 etc. This would be in line with the original clan wars that gave extra clan war points for every single final battle win that occurred every 2 days.

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