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reddit SuperCell and Clash Royale thoughts as a Software Engineer

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I’ve noticed a lot of of the reasoning for the update issues center around long dev cycles, a small team and lack of feedback integration.

Im a software engineer. I know about dev cycles, iterating software and release pipelines. Supercell grossed 1.5 billion dollars in 2019. Clash Royale I’m sure grossed upwards of 300 million. That’s a lot of money revenue. So, if the problem is a small team? If that’s the issue, why wouldn’t the team get help?

Let’s break this down. 1. Dev cycles. Most people nowadays use Agile methods. This is a short term, iteration method that constantly has user feedback to generate small quick updates. Sleeper a popular fantasy football app uses this method and can spit out updates weekly based on user feedback. I’m curious to know what sort of development cycle the clash team is using. DevOps also speeds up this cycle by automating the code integration and build process and Im sure the clash team uses this to generate developer builds for testing.

  1. Resources. As mentioned above, money should not be an issue for a company raking huge earnings in the mobile market. We can scratch this out immediately as a reason.

  2. Dev team size. It’s often wise to keep teams small. It’s all about having a LEAN development. Small team, small changes, small updates , FAST results. However, something here seems to not be working.

I have a few assumptions I can make.

  1. Not enough help to speed up the work and the development team is backlogged.

  2. The pipeline used to develop and release has issues. The releases for this have to go through developers, artists, sound guys, QA, user tests and maybe more. That’s a lot of hands, but with a proper build chain shouldn’t be too bad.

  3. Perhaps, the code base is a mess from when they first started, making it hard to update. Perhaps, too many things rely on another and one fix breaks another part.

  4. Scaling. I have a feeling, the clash team doesn’t scale. There should be guys doing incremental smaller changes and another team working on large updates. This keeps the ball rolling in both directions and they should have MVP(Minimum Viable Products) of the new big feature. That way they can quickly see issues and resolve them before going to far down the rabbit hole.

These are just thoughts. I could totally be off base in any area and even miss some things. These are just my thoughts as a software guy with some background.

One thing is for sure. Something about their pipeline isn’t quite right. It’s important in a game like this to be able to quickly take community feedback and build on it. Even with large updates, having the community involved to test and adjust features is important. I hope they learn from their shortcomings in user feedback and long iterations and come back stronger than before.

Wishing you all luck. Just another software guy who enjoys Clash Royale.

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