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reddit [EFFORT REPOST] Based off the suggestions in my previous posts, I have compiled them to make it easier to read. This is for the future of Clash Royale, and I hope the team takes some of it into consideration.

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[EFFORT REPOST] Based of the suggestions that you guys have in the last post, I have compiled them and made it as easy to understand as possible. This is for the future of Clash Royale, and hopefully some of it will be taken into consideration.

My post last time here was just a rant on how the update basically is killing the game itself. The team this time has proven themselves to be very incompetent, and has shown that they don’t give a single fuck about the game and it’s development. Another thing that they have so gladly proven is their commitment to the community which was zero, but now has gone to the negative side.

What is wrong with the new update?

  • The removal of quests.

  • The promise of ‘improved rewards’ that was not delivered to the players.

  • No new content for the players who are already maxed aka the pros of the community.

  • An underwhelming update that took a span of one year, delivering the same shit that we had one year ago, just with some improved rewards and same old play style.

  • The removal of variety from clan wars, which was unique to the old clan wars.

  • The level-dependency of the new clan wars, basically punishing players who concentrated their good and cards to one type of deck, and now are getting fucked in the ass literally for playing the way the game forced them to.

  • How regions are affecting the progression of clans in the new game.

  • The messed up UI which had no problem one year ago.

  • Low-level clans are now basically forced to accept this so called booty reward if they don’t finish the race, which is being over-glorified by the development team.

  • The lack of activity for higher level clans who have already finished the river race within a quick time.

  • The failure of the development team to implement a good way of forcing the players to try different type of decks, which is almost similar to how players only players draft, triple draft and classic decks in the clan war 1.

  • No improvement to the already existing gold problem that players are facing. The development failed to acknowledge that players have a harder time to get good more than cards.

  • The trophy progression for clans have been severely affected during this update, making it harder for clans to gain trophies when there isn’t any factors included in the game such as one trophy gain for every win like in clan wars (Big thanks to u/ItaGuy21)

So how do we fix these problem? (The numbers displayed in this section will correlate with the list on top)

  • Removal of quests : Bring quests back, but with a twist. Since the daily free rewards are being moved to the shop, players will be getting 15 lesser quests points than usual, so they will be getting 20 instead of 35. With this, the progression of quests for players will be slowed down by 75%, which sounds bad to everyone, but bear with me since I will also suggest a way to improve rewards even more in clan wars. Basically, players in clans which doesn’t perform well, will still have a chance at getting some really good loot even when they don’t do well in clan wars.

  • Now for the improved rewards that they were bragging about. Sure, the free rewards everyday is..... fine. But still, they were saying how they were gonna give us something ‘bigger that was gonna be satisfying. Now that we all see the rewards, it’s really underwhelming. It alternates between 1500 gold, 25 rare cards, 100 common cards, 25 gems or a golden chest (for legendary arena). They could really improve those rewards. And the river race rewards aren’t that big of an improvement seeing how much it offers. And it also depends on our placement as well. So basically the reward depends on your league and the placement in the river race (I believe this is how it works), and I don’t think it’s the best way. I’ll tell how to improve clan games rewards in awhile.

  • The pros were asking for a 2v2 ladder, which they did not implement. And don’t give some bull shit reason that you didn’t have time, or it was impossible to do. You’re a billion dollar company, and giving excuses isn’t part of your job. And I’ve had it with the team delaying the update when it was really underwhelming whilst hyping it. Just bring a 2v2 ladder.

  • It took one year to release this update (and yes there is not a solution to this except by boycotting the next seasons pass royale # NOPASSSEPTEMBER or changing the development team which I doubt will be happening), and I have to say, for a billion dollar company, that’s some scummy standard they have don’t they. I am starting to question whether the Clash Royale team is even being supported by supercell now.

  • The old clan wars had something to it. At least it offered some variety by having some game modes in it, although none seemed interested in it. So instead of just having two game modes for the new clan wars, add an option of 2v2 and triple draft in it as well. Well of course, since this ‘brand new’ clan wars is painted to be competitive, the pro players would be able to have some use with it seeing that the development team is giving 0 shits about the pro scene. They could also make it so that when a boat reaches the finish line, a large beast appears out of nowhere, and steals all their fame. So the boats have to fight this beast in a 2v2 match until the health bar drops to 0, and the clans will get their fame, and also get additional fame (you might be wondering what the additional fame is for, so just you wait), around 10000 gold at legendary league and 10 gems. After defeating the boss (each boats will have their own boss to fight, so that no one gets confused that all the boats have to fight the monster together), a new spawner 2v2 game mode will appear where the monster will spawn mini versions of himself, and you have to destroy his/her/it’s tower. The team can come up with new monsters every month, and it will be cool and exciting to see it.

  • The level dependency of the new clan wars is a very big problem, and since I’m a level 13 with level 10, 11 and 12 cards, I’m suffering a bit. What’s the best way to solve this? Place a hard cap limit for every league, like that one guy in this subreddit always says.

  • Regions are also affecting the progression of certain Clans in the game, so make the cool down of all decks dependent on one time, and the team can choose any time that they want.

  • The team said that people requested for this to happen, and I don’t know if people actually did or not, but I’m not going to speculate about it. Just make it the way it was before. Especially for the chests. No one asked for it.

  • The smaller clans are getting punished by the new update, so to fix that, just give them the 4th place or 5th place reward instead of this so called booty when the race ends. You don’t need to make everyone’s life harder. Also, if possible, try to include an option for clans to choose who is going to participate in the river race or not. Smaller clans are basically forced to face against other clans that are more active and are again getting punished.

  • This is something that I’m excited can really make the statement “Clan wars 2 will be the best place for you and your clan to earn rewards,” come true. After a certain clan finishes the river race, introduce them to a clan war reward road. It’s basically a road, where you can earn rewards by getting fame. The total fame required to finish the clan war reward road is 100000, and you can get a reward every 10000 fame you and your clan acquires. This will incentivize players to play the clan war even after they have finished the race.

  • The team tries to force players to play a 4 type of decks out of their comfort zone, which is something that I will applause them for doing. I have to say that they tried to do something here, but it won’t work out because the players can just stick to 4 type of decks all the time that they feel comfortable with and never change. So what’s the way to fix this? Introduce a global ban to a win condition every river race. Not a key card, just the win conditions. Removing a card that is not a win condition like skeletons will ruin many decks, and I know for a fact that the team will surely do something stupid like that. Ban cards like royal giant, giant or even hog. Get people to play truly out of their comfort zone.

  • And for the final problem, players in this game have a really hard time getting gold more than cards. And the development team knows that very well, still chooses to ignore it. We need a boost to the gold given out by chests and clan war. We need some big improvement to gold, and buffing the gold given by chest by 50% will surely make our life easier. And improve gold rush as well. Getting a mere 10000 gold is not enough considering you need more than 10000000 gold to max out this game.

  • The best thing I can suggest them to do is to create a function for the amount of wins that a certain clan gets within a week. Surely if they were to directly give 1 trophy for every win, it would be really broken, so what about a function, where the number of wins is the only variable expression that can give a clan up to extra 10 trophies? (More information in u/ItsGuy21 ‘s comment) Here

Some other improvements that I would like to see as well:

  • Reduction in prize of legendary chest from 500 gems to 150 gems. It’s bullshit to see how a chest that merely gives a legendary costs that much. And it doesn’t even improve with increasing arena.

  • Introduction of classic challenges and grand challenges token. It’s been way too long since they have improved the challenges and it’s time we see some improvements. And they should reduce the the price of classic challenges from 10 gems to 5 gems and grand challenges from 100 gems to 50 gems.

  • Some improvements that I would like to see to tournaments. Allow some specific creators to host some tournaments in-game that gives out rewards to people who do well in it. [Credit to someone (I think it’s Bufarete or boss) who talked about this]

  • Improvements to the clan chat and clan UI whilst giving leaders and co-leaders more options to monitor their clan activity would be great as per u/Tnuoccaetah.

  • It would also be great to make the amount of fame gained to be level independent. I don’t know who programmed it in a way to punish low level players for not having high level cards.

Some other suggestions that were not part of my original post:

  • u/fricy81 suggested to have a mechanic to challenge other boats to fight in duels. It catches my interest and I thought that it could actually work. Clans who reject the proposal could probably lose 5% of their fame, and if they win, they get to take 10% of fame from boats who challenged them. This could bring out some new fun mechanic and allow players to immerse themselves competitively in the game.

TL;DR for those alpha chads:

  • This post was directed towards fixing the biggest problems that was failed to be fixed by the development team. I gave my opinions on how introducing ‘bosses’ to the river race when someone finishes first and clan war river road can massively solve the problems that the community is facing. I also took into consideration the things that I left out and also typed in the ideas of different redditors.

A message to the development team

  • Please take some of these suggestions into consideration. All of us are willing to cooperate to make the game better not only for us, but also for you guys as well. Sure you don’t want the #NOPASSSEPTEMBER to affect the revenue earned, but I believe this is the way for our voices to be heard. If you read this, thank you for your time.
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