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A lot of people have already posted similar ideas in the past to speed up progression. I'll add more as I remember some but these are the ones that come to mind. Feel free to add more and if it lets me edit the original post I'll just put them in a list format.

  1. 44 gold * 20 wins per day is low. Most casual and F2P players will not be playing 40 battles (50% win rate) for 2 hours per day. The issue isn't with the win cap but with the gold issued. That's 26.4k gold per month and a max upgrade is 100k. I think the community would be happier if it was raised to a more reasonable number like 200 gold per win because an active player can end up earning 120k gold per season. Just like active players in COC can grind, there is no real option to grind in the game for progression.
  2. The pass should have the season bank increased from 10k gold to 25k gold without increasing the crown requirement. Other games like COC you get 25 million bonus bank that can take care of any max upgrade. 10k gold is only 10% of the amount needed to max a card.
  3. The pass can be made more attractive by introducing a 10% reduction in cost and number of cards needed to upgrade similar to how COC has a 20% reduction on everything to max out. This option wouldn't be popular among F2P players but that's why they need an option to grind like increasing the gold amount for each win from point number 1.
  4. Increase the amount of gold earned from opening a chest.
  5. Tokens to upgrade from level 12 to 13 are the same (20 tokens) but rare tokens is not balanced upgrading cards from level 11 to 12. 16 rare tokens, 10 legendary/epic tokens, 8 commons. It takes forever to upgrade a rare card.
  6. Adding a 5th slot to queue chests or maybe reducing the time it takes to open existing chests.
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