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We're all upset about the pathetic update. Way overhyped, and took literally over a year to come out (basically two years, unless you consider adding the insane "party" mode an update or changing small things in battles (tiebreaker, sudden death, etc.)) Free to play is outraged because of the 32 max cards bullshit, and pay to win is disappointed because all they can do is beat up level 9's with max cards.

Why boycott Pass Royale?

  • Here are the extra rewards you get from buying Pass Royale:
    • 50000 gold (if you complete the bonus bank), 1 legendary, 72 epics, 153 rares, 672 commons, 4 trade tokens (1 of each rarity)
    • Retries for challenges, queuing chests, strikes for the crown chests, golden names, and 500 gold for clanmates
    • Tower skin and emote

The extra cards/gold from Pass Royale are almost worthless. Since you need around 18 million gold to max out your account, the 50,000 gold is gonna get you 50,000/18,000,000 = 1/360 = 0.3% = nowhere. You will get half the gold needed to upgrade 1 card from level 12 to level 13. That gold is basically useless, and you're paying five dollars for it.

Similarly, the 1 legendary gives you 0.16% of the legendaries you need to max out your account, the 72 epics give you 0.7% of the epics you need, the 153 rares give you 0.2% of the rares you need, and the 672 commons give you 0.26% of the commons you need.

Basically, you're getting around 0.3% progress on the game (and that's being generous).

Now, let's move on to the second bullet point: retries for challenges, etc.

Retries for challenges are useless. All the challenges are unoriginal (double elixir, triple elixir, random shit spawns from the back, etc.), and the rewards are completely useless. Also, having retries for challenges completely defeats the purpose of them.

The queuing chests feature doesn't help much (unless you like to accidentally waste gems ;) ). Sure, you're more efficient with unlocking chests, but literally 75% of the chests are silver chests (not like the other 24.9% of the chests, which are gold chests, are any better). Saving 1 hour from the queuing feature literally gives you one third of a silver chest.

The strikes are only mediocre. Think of them like a lightning chest. How often do you get a card you want from a lightning chest? Maybe like a third of the time.

The 500 gold for clanmates is useless. This doesn't take much explanation. Keep in mind you need 18 million gold to max out.

Nobody cares about the golden names, tower skins, and emotes anymore. There's already like 200 emotes and 20 tower skins. They're not even "limited" since a third of the players have them.

But what will boycotting Pass Royale do?

  • Encourage Supercell to stop using a recycled Pass Royale as an update.
  • Stops supporting Supercell for doing nothing
  • Saves all of us money

TLDR, boycott Pass Royale to make Supercell give us an actual update. All the rewards are useless.

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