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As some background, I’m the leader of a four clan family called Ohio Legends. In CW1 I had 388 War day wins and an 88% final battle win rate. Our top clan, Ohio Legends 1, ended with 38,694 war trophies, good for top 600 global. The clan’s average final battle win rate across all members was 71%. We started each new war right after the previous one and our final battles usually had 4-10 spectators. We generally had between 1-4 players rank in the top 10k at the end of each season. We were not focused on ladder, and moved members between clans or accepted new members based on their war participation and win rates. The atmosphere of the clan was pretty casual, and people were able to opt in our out of each war without consequence. We were slowly climbing the global clan war ranks and that was a good enough cause to rally behind.

Our clan was excited about the update and looking forward to a fresh new take on clan wars. We didn’t mind being reset back to 3k war trophies because we knew we could work together to figure out the best way to attack the new system. However, there are several problems with CWII that has changed it from a competitive mode back to a more casual mode like the original clan chest.

  1. War decks unlock based on regional time. We finished the war in 1.5 days and still came in second because an equally active clan from Spain was almost done when we woke up on day two.

  2. Weeklong wars. Between our four clans we are seeing problems on both ends of the spectrum. In the top two clans we finished the race in under two days, leaving us 5 days without an actual war. Interest will wane over those five days. In the bottom clan we will not even finish the race. The system unintentionally was a poor fit for both hardcore and casual clans.

  3. Matchmaking ELO. At minimum the ELO is equal to the final battle ELO, which I have determined based on the trophy levels and/or #of war day wins of my CWII opponents. As someone with a high win total it easy to see the effect of the ELO. However, as far as I can tell, the current matchmaking is more similar to collection day matchmaking which pushed everyone toward a 50% win rate. This is an absolutely terrible idea for a competitive mode like clan wars because it makes it impossible to assess war performance if everybody is destined to end up at the same win rate. Before the update people were asking to remove the ELO from final battles. Instead we now have collection day ELO for all battles.

  4. Removal of Nudges. We now have to rely on third party apps to remind people to use war battles. A strict downgrade.

  5. Inadequate statistics. Under CW1 there was a clear distinction between the battles that didn’t really matter (Collection day) and the battles that were important (Final Battles) We could assess people on win rates and how many wars they participated in. We ignored collection day because of the ELO. Now we have a “fame” number that is dependent upon when each person does their attacks. Fame only increases until the end of the boat race, so some members will accumulate two days worth of fame while other members only get one days worth, which makes it difficult to even understand participation levels. As I said above win rates are going to be useless as a metric if everyone is pushed toward 50%.

  6. Removal or tournament standard modes. Everything is now dependent on card levels. Members that previously had 75% final battle win rates may now struggle simply because they focused on getting all cards to 12 rather than maxing fewer cards.

As the leader I’ve spent considerable effort trying to explain the new system to the clan, but it’s obvious that the overall sentiment is negative. We no longer have a goal to work towards. We will likely continue finishing the race in two days then sitting for five days without a real purpose for playing the new mode. (Yes, getting gold for those battles is nice but that turns it into grinding versus having fun) We enjoyed the ever changing game modes but now are restricted to just normal battles. (Although I do like the strategy in deck selection for duels).

Many of the changes proposed here do not address the fundamental issue that CWII is no longer a competitive game mode for the clan as a whole. Without changes, war focused clans will no longer be viable. We have no system to assess performance and the mode has been stripped of the core things that made it fun.

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