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I have been playing this game for 4yrs and I have seen Supercell do all kind of crazy stuff like nerfing cards to death, implementing P2W mechanics to almost everything, taking months/years to do some simple changes and then call them “New content🙄” and most importantly... This last “BiG (Disaster) Update”. I always maintained a positive attitude towards the game because I really love playing it but little by little SC always finds a way to kill the fun of this game. For me this last update was the final straw... I just cant sit back anymore trying to ignore their mistakes just cuz I love the game because honestly im tired of all of this. I have seen countless of posts here with amazing ideas for new content and also different ways to make the game better but they ignore it. So, if they just understand the dollar signs $$$ then thats okay we can talk that language too by not giving them one more cent until they fix all of this and starts listening to our ideas. Havent they figured out by now that the more fun a game is the more their customers will be willing to spend money on it... So why ignore us and make these horrible decisions which makes the game boring as hell like having us wait 4-5 on the river race without anything to do 😑.

So please even if you are one of those that say “ that by not buying a passroyale ($5) it wont contribute much to the boycott”. You are wrong. If we all get together by simply not buying the passroyale and the “great value 3x,4x,5x,6x deals🤣🙄” then you will bet that collectively it will all amount to a lot of money that Supercell wont get and maybe that way by hurting their pockets they will understand.

-All Clan Leaders/Co-leaders take the boycott message to your clan.

-Supercell Drew, I dont blame you bud... I’ve seen how the rest of the team left you alone to handle all this mess. You can help us just by just telling the rest of the team that players are leaving the game in masses because the game is so boring right now that it makes candy crush look like fun!

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