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Clan wars 2 had so much hype surrounding the update for months to come. The sheer volume of teasers had me looking forward to this update and counting down the days till it dropped as if I were a kid around Christmas time. I don't want to hate on the devs or their work, but this update has been more than a let down. First of all, there is now an incredible lack of variance within clan wars due to being able to use your own collection and due to only having typical 1 on 1 game modes that feel like the ladder but on hard mode. Being forced to use the cards you've collected sponsored creativity within war day. I never knew which decks to expect and hardly ever ran into a meta ladder deck during my war day battle. Now it's annoying as hell to just be playing an extention of the ladder. Also, the collection day gameplay was incredibly fun, being able to play different modes and all while still contributing to the clan war. My next qualm comes from the removal of quests. I hover in master 3 with lvl 11/12 cards and found my fun in this game through the quests. I'd make new decks almost daily for the sole purpose of completing the quests for the 500 gold or card equivalent reward. I don't want to hate on the devs or their work but it really seems like this update wasn't thought through. Instead of the update being rejuvenating for the game and my interest in it, it's made it incredibly stale. I really hope they make some drastic changes to the current game. Maybe allow river races to be started immediately after they're finished. Maybe there is more coming that they haven't mentioned yet, who knows. All I know is that I won't be playing this game for much longer if it's just ladder and the extended ladder as far as my options of game play go, which absolutely sucks. I made a Canadian iTunes account to be able to play this game as soon as I heard about it, before the US release.


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