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reddit As a f2p I quit the game in protest

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TLDR at the bottom.

I've been kinda depressed/irritate for the past few days and now i know why. I feel like sharing it with reddit cuz people talking about it might accidentally make me feel better.

The one game that gives me joy and sense of belonging is dying.

I'm one of the first batch of people to play CR, and I remember, back in January 2016, registering for a new Apple ID in the Canadian store to take advantage of the soft launch. In fact I have a deck that I've been using ever since. It is my first (and only) max deck, and despite never being meta, survived so many balance changes without being "reworked" (we all know what that does to your favourite card).

It's mini pekka, valkyrie, hog rider, archer, minion, zap, arrows, fireball.

Strictly saying I'm not a f2p. I don't spend money for the sake of progression either. Once I did purchase 500 gems for some extra entires to grand challenge and emotes. I've never purchase the Pass, so I can't protest by not buying it. Instead I choose to quit the game in protest.

The process of the so-called death is gradual. I used to get excited before every balance change. But then all they did is nerfing some most used cards, while the cards far down the list (by frequency) never see the light of day. I recalled Drew or someone else saying because the tower have fixed hp and dmg, you can't keep buffing everything. Okay I see that. Then what happened? Fisherman's hook was (once) too slow to actually hook anything, Zappies dies to fireball, witch was (once) single-target.... countless examples. I wasn't actually using those card but it still made me feel uncomfortable. They could've make every card is strong in a unique way, but instead they make every card weak in a unique way.

Then CW2 drops. Just a bit of information here my account is level 13 with 9 cards maxed (I upped every card to at least lvl 11 to be able to play the original clan wars). Before the update I have to avoid all ladder-levelled prep-day game modes, because almost all my matches are against entirely maxed (or even maxed and golden) players. Now I have to strategise and guess what win-con my enemy has, only to win one match before losing two.

I don't think CR is as p2w as redditors described since you can't pay while stay constantly at a low trophy to bully free players. But the team has been steadily increasing the value you get for money. Not in the form of special offers, but in progression boosts which f2p deserves to get just as much. The amount of gold rewarded is still based on (my wild guess) when the game has 70 cards instead of 99. With the coming of CW2 I don't play ladder anymore, everyday I just use my 4 CW2 decks, most likely lose it all, or waste them to repair the boat, and that's it. I've had enough from $upercell.

Honestly, I'm the kind of person who will give the opponent two free crowns (and a Christmas piggy emote) if I'm winning for sure. I'll even give the game for a level 10 player at my trophy level (5600). I've never used "well played" ironically. So if I say I've had enough, I've had enough.

Here's my "Thank you" to those Pass players who has given me free wins in challenges, you might have seen me responding with a Christmas piggy emote. You guys make the game less about money and more about sharing joy.

Thank you Mirror, TL, mecca, and everyone else at Wicked Photon. Although I have never (and prob never will) see you guys in real life, you all have been amazing clanmate. Responding when I needed a friendly battle, watching 2v2 replays and share the silliness, trading the cards you still use to help lower level players catch up. These are moments I will remember.

Thank you, the kind stranger who's taking the time to read my post. I actually finished it in tears.

Wake me up when the balance change comes!

TL;DR - Started playing CR since soft-launch and this update pushed me to the edge of quitting.

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