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reddit How a glitch became the best game mode in this update

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We all have seen players with 1 card deck, and I have experimented this bug that has been around the sub for a while

and to be honest, it was the funniest “game mode” I have experienced in this update so far

like in other posts, we want more gold and helps in progression? yes, but we also want to have fun in the game

me and a friend took down towers using only earthquakes, was amazing

me and another friend took down pushes and towers using only ice spirits, that was fun as heck

CW2 feels like a remake of CW1 (because it is duh), the only new stuff is PvE, which was not extremely fun, but was ok I would say

Bo3, which is just 1v1 3 times, so I don’t count it as a new game mode

I remember when 2v2 was released, was one of the funnies thing to do, literally broke (in a good way) clash royale because we could test all the limits we had with the game

also when 7x elixir came, a new win condition raised: the backdoor strategy

I know the dev team can do better, we want more fun, more ways to break the rules of the duel, more ways to push the rules of the duel to their limits

I have been playing CR for 4 years now, I love the game and I want this to be fun, so please, take this as player feedback not just a rant

thank you!

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