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The reason why we haven't had major updates is because SC figured out they could keep the money flowing just by recycling content. Despite the decreasing playerbase, CR is still the top 5 game in playstore/appstore with millions of players worldwide. They have more than necessary resources for quicker major updates but they lack the will to do them in order to maximize their profits.

#Cutting out their money flow is the best thing you can do for the community and the game right now to get what you deserve and what the game needs. It will force SC to act up and at least meet the community demands halfway through. WHICH IS what we are paying them for anyway ...

This exact thing happened with Clash of Clans a while back, and the community was smart enough at the time to quit the game or cut the funding towards SC. Not long after, they got the biggest F2P update ever. I hope that the CR community does the same given how well it worked in the past. Show them that they have to work to get the money.

(Optional read, why is the new update far from major)

The update is 80% a small extension of what already existed in CW1. The trader is a small extension of trading, duels are just extended 1v1 matches. Boatbattles are the only new thing (and they are already busted as feature, bc you can easily 3 crown with clone decks). The new worse UI changes were probably made for the sake of reducing complains for the lack of new content in the update. And finally the rewards, which I don't care that they are the same (maybe less) but that they promised double (basically a scam). Also removing F2P features like CW1 collection days, quests, makes F2P players just play on ladder or be a burden to the clan in war (90%+ dont have max cards) ... there is nothing else to do.

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