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reddit Clan Wars 2 Review by SW Engineer & Game Dev.

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Although this is an opinion like any other, sometimes it is interesting to indicate the background on who you are. I am a software engineer. Some time ago I dedicated myself professionally to game development, but now it is “just a hobby”. Also, changes often bring premature complaints and, as developer, I don't like to complain unless I think it's necessary like now.

The business model of mobile games is usually based on the Desperation of the player. That's right and that's how it works at Clash Royale. You have a very fast growth and little by little everything goes much slower, until the player decides to pay or leave the game. This is just the main stereotype of a mobile gamer. In exchange for this player’s effort, the player who continues playing gets some kind of Fun. On the other hand, the glory peak of CR happened time ago and the game may have already been relegated to a C or D development team and its management would be a bit neglected. This is also normal, no complains.

However, this doesn’t have to lead to bad decisions. Not necessarily. I have commented the 2 main ingredients of this type of games: Despair and fun.

  • Desperation curve. At this point in the CR life cycle, it is normal to be very aggressive with this point and "require" 32 maxed cards. It makes perfect sense, because the current target of the game is no longer so much to attract new players, but to focus on the great majority of players who have a great amount of cards at level 11 and 12. It will affect new and low-level players, but this will be addressed by SuperCell later.

  • Fun. I think this is where a big mistake has been made. It is like the software paradigm where a Swing is designed and a Wood Chunk is obtained. I'm sure the initial idea was good, but the management and execution, has been a bit disastrous. I think it is fair that this comment requires more detail and also at least try to think of alternatives.

  • River race. By approaching it as a race with a goal, the implementation options are limited and the disaster of finishing the race in one day and being stopped for 6 days happens.
    • Alternative. The race lasts 7 days always. The 1st boat is always placed in any fixed screen position and the rest is placed relatively below. When you finish on day 7, the winner is painted on the finish line, and the rest on their positions. Not the best graphic presentation, but 7 days of fun.

  • Usability. This is one of the most disastrous things I have ever seen. I have my 4 decks assembled for the normal battles, then my leader requires making 1 attack on another clan’s boat and I have a pain in the ass to make things fit. The war and attack decks are totally different. Being changing them every day is a real madness because of the puzzle it requires. What were you thinking? This is total mess.
    • Alternative. There are simply 3 battle decks and 1 attack deck. So, during the day you can do a maximum of 3 battles and 1 attack (using 32 unique cards, same as now). A better alternative would be for the leader to be able to configure the number of attacks based on each player's position (with a default amount).

  • Competitiveness. In Clan Wars 1 we had the War Wins. This indicated how active a player was as well as how good he was. It was fun to see who could carry the most. Also, it was fun when I competed with my clan to see who got to 200 wins first, what about now?
    • Solution. Just a Wins counter?

  • Number of Clan Members. It is clear that for the correct functioning of the game, clans with 50 players should be "rewarded" a little. But a little. What they have done is discourage thousands and thousands of players for free because they have 20 or 30 very good players.
    • Alternative. Implement some kind of bonus points based on the number of clan members. That is, if they are few, they have a bonus of points, but always being a little worse than having more members.

  • Clan Wars 2 Functioning. The general idea of ClanWars 2 is very good, but it is very poorly implemented. Attacks right now mean almost nothing, ships are repaired very fast, there are not many tools to coordinate the clan other than chat, etc.
    • Maybe give the 4th and 5th boat an advantage. Taking advantage of the fact that these are ship wars, your ships could have additional cannons to attack and defend, or something like a bomb from the shot'em up games dealing some damage to everything once per boat attack.
    • Make a system similar to ELO during the races. Where the first one gains less points for winning and less points for losing. And the 5th, would get more points for winning and less for losing. Something subtle, but something at least.
    • Give importance to the victories. Maybe giving nothing for losing, or something insignificant. Right now I play while I'm cooking, because I don't care about losing and that's boring. 50 members x 4 lost games x 100 points = 20.000 points. In other words, to end the war in 2.5 days by losing everything. Isn't that pitiful?
    • Boat Attacks effectiveness needs to be totally revised.

Please, consider this constructive criticism, as I still love the game and it is my first complain in more than 3 years playing.

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