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I can have my life back!

I uninstalled Clash Royale. I took a break about a year ago for a few months, but decided to hang it up for good this time. After 4 years and a couple hundred dollars, I'm free.

I am a borderline-OCD completionist. I would log in frequently throughout the day, every day, for the last 4 years to make sure I always had a chest unlocking and to donate cards for extra gold/star points. I finished all the challenges and the global tourney. Toward the end of every season, I would grind to get the most trophy road rewards I could manage (usually finishing around 6.6k). Even with all of this over a four year period, I was only about halfway to max in terms of gold needed (and behind that in terms of legendaries collected).

Everyone was counting on this update to save the game. I was skeptical. And from what was delivered, it was pretty obvious that the dev team doesn't care about this game nearly as much as I did. I couldn't possibly cover all the reasons here; it should be pretty obvious by now. But I will mention the biggest ones that show the lack of caring:

  • A global race-to-the-finish obviously needs to account for the regional problem of time zones.
  • Any fair system needs to incorporate level caps for lower leagues, or else a strong player in a weak clan will get easy-win matchups. Drew said this was only until the clan eventually moves up in leagues -- but, it never will move up if the majority of players in it are low leveled.
  • The UI is ugly, harder to use than the old UI, and doesn't show as much information as easily.

This update feels very corporate/profit-driven. Google in their heyday had the motto "Focus on the user and all else will follow." This has always stuck in my mind as a solid philosophy to follow. If Supercell followed this they would be trying to build an amazing game to bring in users, who would then spend money. Instead, all I can see is things getting more and more biased toward sucking money out of players with no genuinely fun content being delivered.

So, I'm done. What will I do with my new free time? I intend to focus on improving my personal quality of life. Do some creative projects, pick up my guitar again, spend time learning something new. Not wake up and immediately check my phone. I highly recommend everyone here to do the same. It was a fun (though often frustrating!) 4 years, but it's time to move on.

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