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Long read. Kids and toxic people please stay away.

I was a pro from Asia. Quit the game for a long time because I wasn't enjoying the game and was busy with college,Re-installed 2 seasons ago. I spoke to few pro players,my friends of all kinds (as in mid ladder,top ladder,semi-pros,people who play just to enjoy etc.) In the following the post, I try to review it from everyone's point of view.


Firstly it is bad. The transparency is good only,but it is weird. Probably will take a while to adjust but okay.

Secondly, condensing the whole friends section is a bad idea. Not to mention the removal of Leagues symbol beside trophies. If it does not appear in the clan,it is of no use. It just is looking really bad. It appeared as if there was no difference between 7000 and 6000 . It is not something you get adjusted to. It's just very bad. Addition of icons beside player name is really bad. If we cannot change it,why bother adding it? It is just there and it is of no use. It looks really bad.

Thirdly,condensing the info of player activity. Again,a bad idea. I have seen leaders of really huge clans asking for my help to just look into players' activity. It is annoying to look into each and every person's activity instead having a look at it in one go.

Generally,though the content is bad, UI would improve. But it is not the case with CW2. It definitely is bad.

2) CLAN WARS 2 :

It is a nice idea. Except,bad execution. Building 4 decks and playing a ladder rip-off is umm... not exciting I'd say. After pushing ladder, I would love to relax(anyone)(No, not 2v2, it has become annoying and the challenges are lame) Triple draft was good,but it hasn't improved so the same 3 set of cards keep coming all the time. Since the trophies are reset to 3000, our clan faced lot of players at around 6.8k. Though they had maxed out decks,they could not beat us. We don't mind personally but it is annoying for them having to face 7.3k+ players. Same is the case with other trophy ranges. Often times 6k people faced 6.6k+ players. It is understandable since the update just rolled out and things are going to take some time before matchmaking becomes fair once the big clans move higher. But since leagues are going to take some time, players who has only one maxed deck and face players with trophies higher would smash their phones.

We finished the boat race in few hours. So did lot of clans. Then? Nothing. It would've been better had it been whoever collects highest xp at the end of the week wins. I hope supercell changes this. Or else it is going to end up like Clan Wars 1 and people would eventually stop playing Wars. Or increase the required XP 4x or 5x.

Attacking other clans' boats is actually pretty cool so no complaints there.

All in all it feels like a ladder ripoff and players with one maxed deck,the most affected ones. It is going to take months for them to max out three other decks and enjoy clan wars or leave this clan to lower level clans. Level 12->13 takes lot of time. So,It would be really nice to cap the cards and tower levels to 12. I think this small change will greatly impact this playerbase in a positive way.


Big chunk of player base of CR is Level 13 players ranging from 4.6 to 8k. There are no incentives for mid(4.6-6k) and fairly high ladder(6-6.8k) players to push. After hitting a new league,they'd feel nice and.... what? Nothing. The trophy road rewards are not that great. That is not enough for a player to push ladder. Pros push because that's a way for organisations to hire you. But for others? I don't see anything. They would get bored. Firstly ranking top 50k or 100 thousand players would offer good amount of motivation to push. Additional rewards for these players would be a really nice move. Also something rewarding when you reach a new league would be great too. It would be like appreciation for the grinding the player has done to reach the league.

Of course, Supercell would just rubbish the suggestions as they have did in the past for which they have suffered. They should understand that more and more players are quitting everyday and they're doing nothing to stop that. There are many people who grind this game just because they love it. But if Supercell does not care for them or at the least listen to them,Good luck my favourite game ;)

English is not my native language so kindly ignore any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

Have a good day. Thank you for reading the whole post. All the best for your future endeavours stranger :)

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