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reddit [Serious] Stop financially supporting Supercell

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Regarding the recent Clan Wars 2 update, an article i read on Forbes a while ago came to mind as the perfect description of this example of predatory behaviour on the gaming industry.

Being a gamer person, i am actually reminded of it from time to time by some abusive practices that should never go overlooked.

Quoting the most relevant excerpts of the article:

"Gamers, on the whole, are a very volatile group. (...) It's been a complex relationship we've had with the corporate titans of the industry over the past few years. Though we love many of their titles, and play them religiously, we hate a lot of things these companies have done to pull the industry in a direction we believe it shouldn't go.

The battlefronts are often subjects like DRM and used copies of games, but lately DLC has been a primary target for gamers to complain about. On the surface, DLC seems to be a serious affront to the traditionally held notions of video games we've held dear for years now. With preorder bonuses, level packs and carved out campaign extras, we feel like we're getting ripped off to some degree as our games are not "complete" at launch due to a lack of this content. This illustration jokingly shows what it might look like had all these new revenue avenues existed during the "golden era" of gaming we all revere.

But what gamers fail to realize is that back then, these companies didn't understand just how much people love video games. Yes, they sold well, and the industry grew, but as it has, it's become clear to these companies just how much blood can be truly squeezed out of these rock hard fanbases of long-established titles. And we're letting them do it. (...) What EA Supercell, and many of the other companies are doing, is a simple economic experiment. They know gamers are a loyal group, and they want to see just how far they can push you to shell out money for the "complete" experience of a game you love. (...) The truth is, if items like map packs, DLC missions and pre-order bonuses didn't sell, they wouldn't exist. Plain and simple. With each new bold 'affront' to gamers, these companies are testing the waters to see just how far they can go with an a-la-carte model. This entire DLC 'Pay to Win' debate that's taken place over the years has just been a test. And if we want to pay less for our games, we sure as hell haven't demonstrated that to these companies. (...) All this said, there is a limit. Eventually companies will find a breaking point where they are simply taking too much away from games and charging too much on top of the original price so that it drives consumers away. As soon as the numbers stop adding up, the practice will reach a plateau. The problem is that we're not there yet, and though each new step forward takes us a little closer to that cutoff line, we simply haven't shown these companies that what they've done is truly that hurtful to us. If it was, these products and games simply would not sell, and the practice would be scaled back. And that isn't what's happening.

But there is an edge to the cliff somewhere, and as gamers feel more and more trampled on by their corporate overlords pulling the strings of the games they love, it's entirely possible they can drift away from the industry as a whole as it becomes ALL about the money, and the cash grabbing becomes too much to stomach. "

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2012/02/24/why-the-exploitation-of-gamers-is-our-own-damn-fault-2/#25a350a521b4

TL DR: Stop giving Supercell money or they will keep abusing its players with predatory tactics. They do it because, unfortunately, they are getting money from it.

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