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The Supercell Creators Tournament

The official subreddit and Supercell creators are celebrating the new clan wars with prizes. However, the requirements are usually quite steep and are the same for each creator clan you wish to join.

People in the comments were not buying it

to summarize the original post, complaints, and the explanation of some content creators:

  • You have to leave your clan to participate. So if you wanted to play the new clan wars with friends but really want those prizes, then you may as well say goodbye to your friends for 5 weeks.
  • You are also expected to be highly skilled (usually with a trophy requirement above 6k) and/or have higher level cards, otherwise good luck with those prizes! So only content creators, pros, or fully maxed out players actually benefits from this.
  • even if you were to qualify for any of those criteria's, good luck getting any space.

The New Clan Wars/River Race Itself

Despite many promises of better rewards, more exciting gameplay, and a supposedly more f2p environment, it's basically quite the opposite. And is even more of a clan management nightmare.

  • Rewards are basically the same, while the clan chest can be earned once a week and there is a legendary guaranteed in first place, you have to grind even more for the chests by forcing your entire clan to participate each day, so more laid back clans have to suffer being at a significant disadvantage.
  • 32 maxed cards are needed, even then you need to try and assemble 4 cohesive decks with them, otherwise you might as well just use your underleveled cards alongside them.
  • The only gamemode available is 1v1, literally just 1v1 and duels (which is just 2-3 1v1 matches against the same person but with a different deck)
  • Matchmaking is still unfair, which was a complaint in old clanwars.
  • The Trader can sometimes have duplicates for cards to give/recieve, which prevents 1 unique card to be traded away/for.
    I probably didn't word that well, so here's an example.
    A more extreme example of this issue.
  • The amount of fame earned by each player depends on how leveled up their deck is. If i were to give an example, 25 people in a clan with each war deck averaging 11-12 cards would be at a bigger disadvantage than 25 people in another clan with average card levels of 12-13 for each wardeck. Even if everyone in each clan were to win with each deck, those with the higher average card levels for each deck would be further ahead in the race for simply having players with higher level cards.
  • The boat defense AI is borked. Especially considering that they use spells even worse than trainers.
  • If you managed to get to the end of the race, you must wait until next week to play another war.
  • Clans in countries with certain timezones are more likely to have an upperhand than other countries.

New UI Complaints

  • To get one thing out the way, the color scheme/pattern is too bright.
  • League badges no longer show up on profiles for clans/friends lists.
  • For some reason you can no longer search for new clans anymore if you are already in one
  • The button which sends you to the top of unread messages got removed (issue has been acknowledged)
  • You have to manually tap a clan member to see their last online/amount of donations, which is pretty annoying.

Other Update Issues

we were promised other things from this update, but we didn't get exactly what we want.

  • For a reason not explained, the option for random tower skins each game got pulled last minute.
  • Quests, which gave an incentive to play everyday and helped with f2p progression got removed for a single daily gift. But the gift just seems to be a few gems or cards for free in the shop (which is kinda worse). quests were removed for low completion rate but the easy solution was to make each individual quest give more rewards or to lower the amount of points needed for some chests.
  • A shop rework was mentioned, but literally nothing has changed except for a daily reward.
  • We simply just got very little in terms of QoL changes.
  • The queue chest button got swapped for no reason, causing lots of accidental spending of gems.


Because no matter who you are, bugs/oversights in design will always appear after any update.

A Conclusion, How to Save This Update Before it's too Late

The Clan Wars 2 update is an unfortunate result of Supercell's greed, overhyping, and a drought for new content (which overtime caused players to quit the game) and this update made things even more sour between the community and the developers. The only thing that could make the community somewhat satisfied is by making the new clan wars tournament standard, or atleast having some form of level cap. Simply put, it just feels like a glorified ladder.

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