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Recruiting Royale Gem Giveaway!!

With all the shelter-in-place orders people are no doubt getting a little stir crazy and perhaps turning to Clash Royale more often to give themselves a bit of break from all the madness.

After our little beta run with the VIP Account giveaway, it looks like our system is all set and ready to go!

At the end of April we will be giving away gems for being a contributor on Recruiting Royale.  All that is required for you to participate is have TWO non-spammy posts.  One can even include your clan recruitment topic which you most likely already have or will be posting soon. 


1st Prize - 1200 gems

2nd Prize - 500 gems

3rd Prize - 80 gems


Winners will be chosen at random.  Only one entry per account please.  Our registration checks for signs of duplicate email addresses, IP's, etc. , so again...please...one entry. 

We understand the prizes are not overwhelming large, however, as you may have noticed there are no ads on the site except the clan ads.  Recruiting Royale has no source of income and is self-funded.  We hope to keep it that way, because hey, who likes ads!?


Best of luck to you all!!


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