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The Pharmacy clan recruiting active members!

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"We are The Pharmacy where we prescribe daily doses of ass whoopins'"

Be cool, stay calm, stay collected. Try to stay one step ahead of your opponent and remember that placement is everything.

Brand new clan looking for active members. We are currently 8/50 members. Our mission is to climb the war ladder while growing as one whole squad. Be friendly and be helpful but most of all lets have fun with it. Lets get these clan chests. Adult owned clan. Promotions are based off of performance and activity!



Co Lead: todimaste (formerly from the boiler house clan) #22PYVV8CJ


Clan Tag: #PQCJCV9U


Clan Link: https://link.clashroyale.com/invite/clan/en?tag=PQCJCV9U&token=b6y4dtsg&platform=iOS

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