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Folks, if you don't have 32 cards at a good level, chances are that other folks will not have it too.

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So you will have one good deck and let's say 3 mediocre ones. The same is with other folks. What makes you think that other players at your level have 4 decks maxed?

I am glad that people are encouraged to play more decks now. Everyone will be trying new stuff and learn about more cards which in turn will improve their game. So if you learn Giant Graveyard as a new deck, you can guess their moves since you played the same deck. I have been playing Miner decks so far, so when I counter Miner deck I can predict the Miner and its placement.

I am hoping this will make the game better overall. I mean people in my clan keep playing the same deck. Some of them don't even know if I split wall breaker tower won't take them down completely. They play hunter to the far of the troop instead of placing closer to do more damage. They don't know about this because they never play these cards.

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